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Museum Theatre

Posted on March 22, 2014 in News

El Salvador at that time was already famous throughout the world. Dreams, fantasies gained real ground. A museum-theater identified at the time unoccupied building. Thirteen years El Salvador has developed design rooms, intricate designs, painted, made drawings directly to the museum. And on Sept. 28, 1974 Museum Theatre was open. All who visited the museum, I think, agree in opinion that you covered a playful mood.

El Salvador was a man with a sense of humor. His last joke was his own funeral. He willed to do it in a room above the female toilet. Dali banned guides to somehow interpret his works. Therefore, we do not tours in the building and hundreds of tourists from different countries wander, stumbling into the intricate maze of buildings, considering the various intriguing layouts with the use of optics and coins as payment for better viewing. Nowhere, emerges director of a building or a girl, though he had just come off of the podium, but for some reason a police uniform. Perhaps this is another joke Dali. In one of the spacious rooms bed on fish heads and everywhere-anywhere image of Gala.

The scope of love for this Russian woman, Elena Vorobyov, is impressive. In many paintings, drawings slip sexual motives. And at the center of the courtyard, running up to the ins and outs of the museum, soaring glass dome and a boat. On it with the fishermen sail its Gala, and under the boat hanging painted in blue, like huge drops of water, 'protection'.