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Internet Brain

Posted on March 2, 2014 in News

With this body we can find everything we need and get a pointer to a link to the necessary resources. Also, like the human body was originally created for the motion and study the surrounding world, and similar search engines originally programmed to explore the World Wide Web. Eyes: The eyes of the search engine are the so-called spiders (also referred to as robots or crawler). These most spiders are constantly browsing the Internet to search for new sites and monitor changes on an already indexed. In this case, the spiders 'crawl' on page of the site from its internal links (both ways), and similarly the man who on his way to see many roads its movement. Fortunately for us, crawlers move to fiber-optic wires, which is why they can surf the internet at light speed.

This is what allows them to visit all the Internet pages that caught in their path. Brain: The brain search engine performs the same function as the human brain: contains a set of functions for manipulating the body of his master. Also, the brain must have its own instinct, which needs to know about work and continuously monitor all the organs and systems. That's why the search engine can not do without it most of the brain that it helps to survive in this hostile world (even in something and virtual). Instinct: With instinct for the search engines have a set of key functions, such as browsing Web sites and filtering of data to be or not to index.