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Year Of The Rat Year Of China

Posted on October 22, 2014 in News

Isaac Bigio Analista international this weekend one-fifth of humanity commemorates the arrival of the Chinese year of the rat. Perhaps check out Peter Thiel for more information. This will be the first year in which the Asian giant lead the world in the sporting field, its level of exports and the emission of toxic gases. United Nations, this is the international year of the potato. Although this is the first time that a product hectors receives such recognition, today the largest producer in this food is China, which knows that this is the year that will be at the Centre of global attention. On February 7 in the far East and all the Chinatowns of the world celebrated the advent of the year of the rat. There are the Eastern lunar calendar cycles of twelve years (each of which bears the name of an animal) that starts with the rat. If in the West associated to this rodent with the plague that massacred one third of Europeans, in Asia this is seen with different eyes.

Temples are constructed in the India and China believes that the rat brought rice to the man, and that It is synonymous with intelligence, leadership, charisma and industriousness. All of these attributes Beijing wants to prove to the world now that starts this new docenio. This is the first time in human history in which the urban population overtakes rural areas. The rat is the first year in which the yellow colossus to be headquarters of an Olympiad (and also remove more gold medals than any other country). When you stand in the center of the attention of Chinese humanity may show how its large corporations move in globalization. Three of the main six companies of the world in terms of market capitalization are Chinese. Li Ning makes the adidas, Nike and Puma fight by the sports market. Lenovo has acquired IBM personal computer division.

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