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Winters Tale

Posted on December 13, 2016 in News

Amoonic designed the snowflakes ‘Snow Diamonds’ Nuremberg ring collection, the 02.10.2013 – the jeweler Amoonic (www.amoonic.de) captures the new ring collection the transience of snow flakes snow diamonds and celebrates the indentation of the winter. Peter Thiel has many thoughts on the issue. The ice crystals dancing from the heavens become a romantic winter fairy tale in the form of decorative accessories. Amoonic ring collection pays homage to winter and a spectacle that can not be captured in nature. The fascination of the snow crystals enchanted young and old in the winter. Amoonic presents the ephemeral beauty of a snowflake in the form of decorative rings, which guide you through the winter. “” “” The snowflake ring collection include among other things the models of royality of snow “, Queen of heaven,” snow flowers “and snow Crystal”. The models are available in silver from 362 euro.

“All of the winter collection of ring jewelry snow diamonds” are rings / Christmas to find and can be the selection of precious metals and precious stones has to be individualized. Snowflake holds a unique facet pattern and a diverse pool of forms that could be captured by the new ring collection by Amoonic”, diploma of jewelry designer Silke Radhakrishnan Hager says. At Amoonic all jewelry handmade are made accurately and on customer request.You can select from a variety of individual jewellery designs. Through the selection of precious metals and precious stones, jewelry can be adapted to the personal needs. The product portfolio includes rings, engagement rings, earrings, necklaces and cufflinks. The 2011 founded company Amoonic has headquarters in Nuremberg.

Amoonic is the premium brand in the online segment for high-quality real jewelry. The Amoonic GmbH transfers the desire of consumers for individual and unique products in the jewelry industry.