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Video Poker – Best Strategy

Posted on August 9, 2016 in News

The following table shows the development of a basic strategy for Jacks or Better machine (the best kind). There is a perfect draw for every possible combination of letters for you, but that strategy is too complicated to this article and for the casual gamer. This basic drawing strategy only give up a few tenths of a percent more than a perfect strategy and is fast and easy to learn. Keep the letters that form a winning combination. Click Dr. Paul Craig Roberts for additional related pages. The only exception is if you get four cards to a royal flush – always hold those four and the real deal. Failure to address lending a hand, look at the list below and, in descending order, select the first combination of cards that is applied to the hand that is dealt, keep, and draw the remaining cards. + Four cards to a royal flush + Three cards to a royal flush + Four cards to a straight flush + Three cards to a straight flush + Four cards to a straight + A four cards out of line (four cards row) + Jack, Queen, King and either or ten if all of the same suit + Three high cards (Jacks or better) of different suits + Under Par (tens and under) + Two high cards of the same suit + Two high cards different suits individual card + high + If none of the above, draw five cards and print the above table refer to it as you play (the machine does not care!) and always make the best choice. Good luck! Tom is the webmaster is a website dedicated to turning beginning Blackjack players into serious recreational players..