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Trivision Advertising

Posted on March 16, 2011 in News

Advertising promises increased sales and limit the number of advertising surfaces still exist. Huge billboards just city, causing understandable frustration with the residents and representatives of municipal authorities. All this identified the creation of a new, more economical forms of advertising board – Trivision or plasmatron. Plasmatron (Trivision) – an advertising surface, which has an information field. Consists of equilateral triangular prisms, which changing the angle of rotation, creating a different image. Plasmatron may be the following: unilateral and multilateral, wall and floor, detached, etc. Due to its obvious advantages, plasmatron confidently pushes conventional billboards.

Efficiency of its use is much more subject to production of quality materials on the latest technologies. Plasmatron consists of a frame, placed vertically, the upper beam (Attaching to the prisms) and the lower beam (rotation mechanism and mountings for prisms). Standing upright triangular prism work so that one of the faces are always located in the same plane – and formed the image. Once rotary mechanism expands the frame at 120 , the other faces are obtained in the same plane and form the next advertising message. In total there are 3 images, which are periodically replaced with each other.

They can be replaced different ways: vertically or horizontally from the center or on the angle, simultaneously or sequentially. In the rotation mechanism includes the following components: a composite shaft connected to the stepper motor. On the shaft are grooves and pushers. Under the shaft bearings are located, and which make the shaft work. Asterisks touch the disk and shaft with prisms are fixed at the time of a scene. If you use an uninterruptible power autonomous operation plasmatron provides for 150 hours. But in any case, the quality of its work depends on the bearing – small, but the main details plasmatron It bearings are responsible for the process of change images, and the fault of one of them can stop the animations. And most plasmatron require long-term and costly repairs.