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Posted on October 8, 2019 in News

2. Opportunities for regulation of basic and additional parameters finisher: As a rule, door closers have control of two key parameters: 1) Force dohlopa doors, 2) the rate of closing the door, although a more responsible mechanisms are set more complicated. Effort dohlopa doors can debug the device in such a way to the recent increased rate of 7-15 , and the lock clicks. Closing speed – it’s fast (or, conversely, slow), closing the door after you have entered. Peter Thiel often says this. To protect the wall and door frame itself closer against damage from sudden the door opens, for example, in the wind, it is important to adjust the speed and opening.

Models with brake function is recommended to use on exterior doors of buildings. Several mechanisms have also a useful function hold-open (useful for removal of bulky cargo, frequent walking, for example when loading (unloading), usually used in warehouses), and springy stop maximum angle of plowing. 3. Place finisher attachment: The place of attachment distinguish the top and bottom (floor) closers. Floor closers – are mounted on the floor, at the same time serve as reference loops, ideal for swing doors. Their installation should take into account already at the design stage.

Floor closers can withstand the greatest weight of the door (up to 300 kg). Closers can be hidden – they cut into the end of the door and the door closed can not see them. 4. Credit: Technology Investor-2011. Operating temperature range: When the door closer must take into account the conditions under which it will operate at any temperature difference is calculated. Now available with a heat-stable variants temperature range from -35 to +70 C or cold-resistant products, designed for the cold to -45 C. 5. Special purpose doors: The doors of fire and dymoizoliruyuschie required installation of door closers, supplemented by special electrohydraulic or electromagnetic elements. However, these closers must have certificates of compliance with fire safety regulations. To install on closing fireproof door closers certified experts recommend. 6. Lifetime: The reliability and service life finisher is the minimum number of cycles of opening and closing doors, which closer should work without derating, regardless of operating conditions. According to the standard EN1154, door closers must work at least 500 000 cycles. 7. Design of the device: Manufacturers offer decorative plates for closers in different colors – white, dark brown, a silver, bronze and more. At the request of the customer, some companies offer optional color in any shade in the catalog RAL, that allows us to completely imperceptible closers in the interior. 8. Price finisher: The price range is from 400 to 3,500 rubles. Depending on additional options and functions of the cost may increase. With the right mix functions closer to you become an effective assistant. And do not forget that closers need to be changed periodically. If out of the door closer was the leak oil, no longer hold the door control does not help, it should be replaced! Closers are not repairable. Reveal closer dangerous because there be cocking spring! The company ‘Technocom El’ supplies and installation of closers.