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Mason Man

Posted on December 8, 2017 in News

From the age of eight – tells Pacheco – leo everything that falls into my hands. At eighteen years of age it is mobilized and earmarked Oyarzun, in the war provoked by the military rebellion of general Franco. He worked in many different trades to kill hunger, the poet himself reminds us of the following: monaguillo, singer of tangos, photographer, charger dock station railway, Mason, Marbler, dealer registration and theater comparsista sheets, finally, enters as a typist at the offices of the military Pagaduria. In 1949 he published his first poem air in the newspaper today. On October 5, 1955 he married Manuela Canon Villarroel. Extremadura Medal is granted in 1986 and two years later he was elected member of the Royal Academy of Extremadura of letters and the arts. In his abundant poetic works include the following titles: absence of mismanos (1949), in the land of cancer (1953), the Archangel sleepwalking (1953), Loscaballos of dawn (1954), mia (1955), poems (1960) son, still estatodo still (1960), poems in the form of (1962), poetry on Earth (1970), Paracurar cancer do not serve dragonflies (1972), the emblem of the dream (1972), Cantaresde eyes open (1976), has never lived as (1977), die now movies andother poems (1978), poetry (1942-1984) (3 vols1986) and sepia color poems (1989). Work in prose (1949-1995) was published in 1995.

And as the Extremaduran poet said: what matters is the man / because if the man dies / will turn off forever / torches of alba. Francisco Arias Solis no man believes that his situation is free if not at the same time fair, not fair if it is not free. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal.

Dreams Life

Posted on November 30, 2017 in News

Fighting for a dream Tal once you are one of those people who spend only dreaming and never get anything in life. That kind of people who only see life pass without never achieve anything, because they dared not or not persevered to achieve their goals. (Not to be confused with Brad Pitt!). It is very sad to see how many people you can see life through their noses and never strive to get what they want, they just expect that both want to reach them by chance, luck or some good pass which play the destination, but the truth is every man chooses his own destiny. Every man is the fruit of their thoughts, words and actions. I would say that 10% results in a man’s life depends on the circumstances and the other 90% depends on their decisions. Why then there are people who are successful and others not? We have seen people rise from poverty to wealth, instead we see others who are still stuck in the same situation. Both types of personalities were surrounded by the same circumstances, but only one of them decided to change them.

Then, what person prefers be you? Life us offers challenges, that’s what life wants, that we face them, we learn from them, when we overcome every trial is a triumph over a plot of life that will take us to bring us ever closer to the automaestria. It is when we reach the point of mastering all the circumstances that surround us and we become owners and masters of our destinies. We are all born into different circumstances, that is because of the decisions that we take in the past, but we are not condemned to live forever in them. We can rise above them, when not repeat things that we trajeros to such circumstances. As said Jesus when he healed the blind man go and not kids more, personally no me gusta the word sin, so I rather call errors.

Such Chamber

Posted on November 29, 2017 in News

Given that mixed with the dough entering the auger chamber has a temperature of 30-40 C, we can say that the cooling water temperature must not fall below 30 C and the optimum water temperature is 36-38 C. The corresponding Such a cooling water temperature reduces the mechanical degradation of gluten. Another significant factor influencing the degree of mechanical destruction – finish of the surfaces of the screw and the working chamber, the proper cutting grooves on the inner surface of the working chamber. These surfaces must be polished to reduce the degree of resistance to sliding test on these surfaces. When all these conditions, the mechanical destruction of gluten is minimal, as Pump it vozmozhno.Vakuumirovanie test test were used for the first time with the introduction of screw pasta presses, in which compaction pressure does not exceed 60kgs/sm , but this was not enough for dense and firm pasta.

script type = 'text / javascript'> When forming test held vacuum process that is, were removed, air bubbles, increased strength of raw products by an average of 40% and dry-strength to 20% on average. In the presses first structures, evacuation was carried out in the auger chamber. The effectiveness of this method is low, because of the transience of passing the test the vacuum channel and the difficulty of venting compacted mass of dough. In early 60s, the firm "Braybanti" has used the press, where in the last trough, before a test in the auger chamber is evacuated. Air guy, in this case, from the mass is kneaded dough, a very effective, although the presence of air mixing results, nevertheless, to the partial oxidation of carotenoid pigments. Air content is 2 times lower than in the evacuation of the auger chamber. To completely eliminate the oxidation carotenoid pigments to achieve a minimum air content in the dough, and thus have the most dense dough, the firm "Pavan" equips its media mixer where mixing flour and water, from the outset, there is a vacuum.


Everything Communication

Posted on January 5, 2017 in News

Receiver: According to Gustavo Matos (2009, p.5) the receiver, in the communication process is ' ' one of the protagonists of the act of the communication; that one to who if dirige the message, that one that receives the information and decodes it, that is, it transforms the physical impulses (signals) into message recuperada' '. The receiver is in charge simply correctly understanding everything that was transmitted to it and guaranteeing the act of receiving of all the data. ' ' the receiver to to decode the message also has a intenobsica. It desires to select what it is important for it. Of this form, he goes to direct its understanding and evaluation, he stops later deciding if accepted or not it transmitted content, and applying what to find valid in mensagem' ' (BORDENAVE, 1995 P. 20) Message: When we speak in message in we relate to the product key to them of the communication, when making a drawing or a painting the same ones will be the message or even though when we make caretas, we gesture or we make face expressions we are wanting to transmit with this a message. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Hillary Clinton.

According to Kim Heldman (2006, P. 321) ' ' the message is the information that is sent and received. It can be written verbal, not-verbal, formal, informal, internal, external, horizontal or vertical. The horizontal communications are messages changed between pairs; the vertical lines are sent and received between the level from executive management and its subordinados' '. Noise: Everything what it can make it difficult or disable the communication and intervene with reception of the message. Verbal communication Is all communication that is on directly to speaks and the writing. A book, a magazine is clear examples of this type of communication where a message is transmitted of the sender to the receiver, a professor giving a lesson, it using the blackboard or the voice, it is making use of the verbal communication.



Internet Computer

Posted on August 5, 2016 in News

THEORETICAL BOARDING the main focus was in authors who if make use to give importance to the relative medias to the letramento, namely: material printed matter; computer/computer science, observing its importance for a significant learning by means of the mediation and interaction. 9 It is important to point out that the results of the analysis of the data had been sufficiently next what the theoreticians cited in this article say on the use of the computer in the valuation of the reading, in these circumstances, perceive that the book printed matter does not go to disappear, it will concomitantly continue existing with the technologies electronic. The proper Internet serves as a tool for the book sales printed matters. With the advent of the computer and the Internet, the reading was not restricted only to the materiality of the paper, but also it was extended for other digital supports. Details can be found by clicking Hillary Clinton or emailing the administrator. A new access to the texts and a new way to read if structuralized. The manuscript of each page of the book printed matter if transfigurou in a virtual relation; screen the screen the reader if inserts in one ciberespao. Thus, front to the electronic technologies a new relation between reader and text if configures.

The computer is the mediating object between reader and text. (LVY, 1999, p.161). An only same individual or an only group cannot more withholds all the existing knowledge, nor the formation of a young student can be curtailed by the belief of that necessary knowing its formation meets exclusively in books, more specifically in didactic books. For this, she is not necessary to substitute the book for the computer, but to work them jointly. The least is necessary to consider new ways of operation, developed outside of the school, mainly for the experience with digital ways. 2.1. Media in the education the change of paradigm of the pertaining to school education seems to walk in the direction of the creation of new significant spaces of learning, in detriment of an education model exclusively.



Platinum Time

Posted on February 5, 2016 in News

Wristwatches are watches that are in the subject wrist with a strap and are manufactured in various materials, such as steel, titanium, gold or plastic. Wrist watches play an important role both as a complement of fashion and by its additional functions, since in addition to marking the hour they can incorporate features such as date, moon phase, Chronograph, tachymeter, alarm, world time, lighting, altimeter, synchronization by radio, calculator or water and shock resistance. Materials materials wrist watches are not only important for aesthetics but also because certain materials can cause allergic reactions. Let’s look at the materials most used in wristwatches: box: used stainless steel (durable, resistant and will not rust), titanium (resistant, lightweight and stainless), gold plating (used in high range, between 10 and 20 microns thickness wristwatches), (used in very high-end clocks) gold, silver, Platinum, aluminum (lightweight and rust resistant) or plastic (lightweight and resistant, commonly used in watches). Sphere: the used in the box more copper or brass decorated and bathed in porcelain in the visible face.

Belt: the employees more skin in box (elegant but deteriorates easily), rubber, rubber or high-strength fibers. Crystal: mineral glass (used in mid-range and low wrist watches) is used and Sapphire Crystal (very resistant, used in high-end wristwatches). Features wrist watches, in addition to marking the hour, can incorporate numerous additional functions: date: displays the date (day, month, year and day of the week). Moon phase: indicates the phase of the moon with an image on a rotating disk. Stopwatch/chronograph: wristwatches that allow counting from zero at the push of a button, as well as take splits or countdown. Tachymeter: corona graduated located around the dial that lets you measure distances and speeds. Alarm: you can configure one or more audible alarms. World time: indicate the the time in different time zones.

This type of bracelet watches are very useful for people who travel a lot or who communicate with people from other countries. Lighting: activated via a button. Synchronization by radio: allows you to synchronize time with a time server or atomic clock. Water resistant: wrist watches water resistance is measured in meters or atmospheres, and may be resistant to splash (water resistant 30 m, 3atm), suitable for swimming (5atm, 50 m), 100 m (10atm) snorkelling, diving with scuba equipment (150 m, used) or scuba (20atm, 200 m). Anti-shock: they are shock-resistant watches. Altimeter / barometer: show the altitude and atmospheric pressure. Compass: they have compass, usually digital. Thermometer: display the temperature. Calculator: they carry built-in calculator. GPS: they have GPS receiver. Depth: inform the diver’s depth at which it is located and pressure that is supporting.


Speakers For PC

Posted on January 15, 2016 in News

PC speakers are some of the peripherals that have experienced more development, due to the intensive use who receive computers as audio players, both music MP3, such as movies, videos, Internet TV or radios. The increasing supply of sound cards and PC speaker of quality available in the market has caused that many users replaced your HiFi system by a system of PC speakers connected to the computer that provide good sound quality. PC today, the manufacturers specialized in audio speakers offer PC speakers that allow you to turn the PC into a hifi system. For this reason, the first requirement is a sound card quality, to which we connect a few good PC speaker. On the other hand, to acquire PC speakers there to consider features like power, response in frequency, impedance/sensitivity, performance, distortion or directionality. Sound systems, we can distinguish three sound systems: Mono (System 1.0): recording and sound reproduction is carried out through a single channel, so it lacks spatial sensation. Stereo (system 2.0): the audio is recorded and played on two channels, typically left and right channel, creating a spatial sense.2.1 Stereo system adds a channel bass playing on a subwoofer speaker. Surround: use multiple channels of audio to cause a surround effect.

The terminology comes from the Home Cinema and video games: the first number indicates the number of channels of full range (full-range) and the second the number of channels of bass (subwoofer), where the total number of speakers is the sum of all channels. For example, a 5.1 system consists of 5-channel full-range and 1 subwoofer, total channel 6 PC speaker. There are numerous provisions, 5.1 and 7.1 systems being the most prevalent. Types of PC speakers according to the frequency range there are several types of PC speakers according to the range of frequencies where provide optimal performance: full range (full-range) speakers: are non-specific PC speaker, with an acceptable frequency response in the range of frequencies. Subwoofer: they are speakers designed for more low frequencies (20-80 Hz). It’s believed that Hillary Clinton sees a great future in this idea.

Woofer: they are speakers designed for low frequency (40 Hz to 1 kHz) sounds. Medium: they are specialized in mid frequencies (800 Hz to 5 kHz) PC speaker. Tweeter: they are specialized in high frequency speakers, optimized for the treble (4 to 20 kHz). Types of speakers PC according to the number of ways according to the acoustic system PC speakers can be: speakers of one way: the speaker enclosure contains only a speaker full-range. Two-way speaker: the box contains two speakers and a woofer and a tweeter. Three-way speaker: contains three speakers, woofer, tweeter and a medium. On multi-lane PC speakers, the audio signal is split through crossovers active or passive, thus sending each range of frequencies to the appropriate speaker.


Mendoza Video

Posted on January 15, 2016 in News

Currently, in a globalized world, virtually all people own a computer. They mostly have different laptops. If you are in the city of Mendoza and the latter is your case, with all security may be wondering where you be able to fix their parts of laptops – either it you or someone else. Peter Thiel has much to offer in this field. Look no further, this note you will find the solution. To read more click here: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. The matter is simple and easy; If your laptop is damaged, no matter why, how, or where the best solution will be to take it to the technical service which has Video systems. In this mendocino service you may repair the damaged parts of your laptop, without any inconvenience.

So that your laptop will be as new and original spare parts, received from factory. Video systems, therefore, is a company responsible for providing solutions for technical service teams from varied highly recognized brands; such as Sony, Vaio, Samsung, Lg and Philips. In addition, for your convenience is responsible for removing and returning the equipment damaged directly at your home. So, this will prevent you from having to move with the damaged equipment. In addition, this will ensure that your laptop is not damaged more than it really is.

Also, thanks to the excellent work done by Video systems, parts of your laptop and your computer itself, once arranged, will be inspected thoroughly so that ensure one hundred percent quality. In particular, if you choose Video systems as your business friend to repair their computers; especially the parts of laptops, this company will address completely everything you need so that your laptop is returned as a new and original spare parts. And all this will do with five easy and simple steps, with which you are may ignore entirely from your computer. However, you will receive it at home already arranged, so you won’t have any concerns. Feel free to carry their laptops parts to greater recognized company Mendoza Video systems, this won’t disappoint. If this liked him Article, tell your friends about him. They will thank you.


Tango Management

Posted on January 14, 2016 in News

Tango management is a software that allows to make administrative and financial efforts around the world. This software is capable of performing diversity of administrative and accounting tasks in an intelligent way. Tango management, works through modules. With this program, businesses will be able, in a simple way: Bill. Manage orders. Create and modify databases of customers.

Automatically generate a VAT book. Perform balance sheets and daily books. Check balances. Enter and manage items and prices. Enter and update providers. Make reports. Manage and print checks.

Pay salaries. Perform control of personnel. Manage purchases and expenses. Thanks to its simplicity to install, to the cost of your license and the simplicity to visualize data, Tango management is a program that all companies Mendoza have in your operating system. It has an Assistant that will guide in case you need help for easy handling. Perform a tango management course in Mendoza, enables the Administration differently and organized. Also, to be a program as valid, possess the same knowledge, you positioned better when it comes to getting a job. If you intend to purchase this software for personal use, not you have to worry about updates, since you can update it whenever you want. The installation of this program is very easy. Tango management provides a wizard that makes it easy to install. More is compatible with windows and Excel, enabling the exchange of data between both templates. With regard to the weight of the software, it consumes very few resources, so it can be installed on any type of PC that has the minimum requirements. Another of the many advantages of Tango management utilization, is to use modules, may be installed only that necessary for the type of accounting that you want each person or company. When you perform a Tango course management in Mendoza, you will access a software in Spanish of very easy to use. This, It will allow you to easily manage you and logres administrative employment you want. Or create your own company, knowing that the Administration and accounting of it will be excellent and you can master it almost automatically. Another advantage offered by the knowledge of Tango management, is that the AFIP regulatory templates can append to the accounting. And if you have any questions regarding any application, you can clarify it thanks to the wizard in line. For all this reasons, and given that you’ve always longed for mastering the management of a company or carry your own database accounting with security, is that you should plan to carry out a course of Tango management in Mendoza. If you want to start to manage this program or find out more information about this practical and essential software, visit Knowledge Foundation, and already same enters the world of administration and finances.


Jacqueline Thermati

Posted on January 13, 2016 in News

A humanitarian organization complained of improperly calculated and priorities lack of distribution of humanitarian materials in an airport controlled by U.S. authorities. The general in charge said that the U.S. Army was working hard to speed up delivery of products of first necessity. Next to the ruins of the Cathedral of Port-au-Prince, where the Sun is colaba between Kristallnacht, a priest told parishioners during the first Sunday mass after the devastating earthquake on Tuesday: we are in God’s hands now.

However, the frustration grew hour after hour, as well as complaints of slowness in delivering food and water to millions of people. The Government is a mockery. The UN is a joke, said Jacqueline Thermati, 71, sitting on the floor, in front of a hospice for elderly people. We are one kilometer (half a mile) from the airport and we will die of hunger. Water was delivered to more people around the capital, where an estimated 300,000 displaced were living outdoors. But the food and drink were scarce. On the streets, people still dying, Haitians on their knees praying begging for help, pregnant women gave birth in the asphalt, and the wounded appeared in wheelbarrows and on the backs of others who ran at hospitals.

The authorities warned that looting and violence could spread. In the old market district, the police tried to disperse looters driving trucks in the middle of the crowd, at the same time many scurried in shops partially destroyed by grabbing anything they saw. As he ran with a huge box of tampons, Love Zedouni shouted: I have no idea what this is, but we are sure that you can sell. Police officers threw tear gas against looters, forcing the crowd to run by the havoc-filled avenues. The Secretary general of Nations Ban Ki-moon, who departed for Haiti, described the earthquake as one of the most serious crises in decades.