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Talking World Map

Posted on August 10, 2014 in News

Of the new products include such as Timo Parvela tale "Ella in the first grade," or a new tale of Olga Grosheva "Slavkin history in jest and in earnest," well, do not forget about all your favorite books of Dragoon and V. Golyavkina! Interesting and informative gift will talking poster! You can even donate two: "The Talking Alphabet" and "multiplication table." All already learned to read, and ABC to anything? Then you can opt for such posters as "Talking World Map", "Body man "or" Orchestra ". Silence will not be home, but it will be fun and interesting! The most technically advanced you can give children a laptop. However, it is possible that many are already well managed and with Dad's laptop and even working began to develop a global network. However, children's laptop is good because it is made with a view to learning, the child does not climb into the files and directories that are not meant for him, but gain some skills computer literacy, without which life today is difficult to imagine. In addition, training programs, scientific and educational material that includes an interactive guide, will also contribute child development.

Against the background of modern technology such as laptop computers or interactive whiteboards normal globe and the most common cognitive cardboard posters seem to be too simple. However, their usefulness is not nobody repealed. I'm not talking about the fact that when working with personal cognitive activity of the child is higher than in the realization of something with the help of interactive tools. So, if you have children in your group is already high and with a computer learning PDA they may well managed, may need to think about how to give them such an almost retro benefits. Their value will be in the fact that parents will explain how to use them and will have the opportunity spend a few hours of fun and rewarding a child with her, battling with it, such as "Cities" with the help of donated at the final matinee globe! Whatever you choose to please the exhaust yesterday's kindergartners and first-graders of the future and, at the same time, to help him establish a new role, it must be remembered that before the school year, yet the whole summer, and, fortunately, not the last summer of my childhood!

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