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Posted on September 10, 2017 in News

One of the requirements photocomposition is harmony. This may be a harmony of horizontal and vertical lines that complement each other, the harmony of colors, harmony of light and shadow, the harmony of the model and the surrounding space, and so more Harmonious unity of the individual elements can not be without balance, without the addition of one another. For example, a track built on some contours to avoid monotony recommend to revive any vertical accent or to add complexity of diagonal lines. Balance can also be achieved as a result of the symmetrical construction of the photograph, in case the asymmetry can not override the right lower angle compared with the left, heavily overloaded top also gives the impression of compositional unbalance. Symmetrical and asymmetrical compositions can be created for any type of shooting, and will depend primarily on the photographer's intent, and then from his chosen point of view.