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Very Good Communication Age

Posted on May 9, 2020 in News

In September 2010, launched a brand new social networking site (), focused on the communication of interest to users of the middle and older age. Participants can meet with other users around the mature world and communicate with them directly in various languages, including Russian. The latest technical solutions and has long-established tools allow users to more effectively communicate with each other and find new friends. The appearance of this platform yavlyaetya great success and the result of the huge work done. Now users over the age of 40 years, there was a place for virtual communication. Activagers.com will continue to improve their platform to offer participants new functionality and increase the number of available languages on the site.

Activagers is the first international community platform for adult users. Activagers is in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Britain, Italy, Spain and South America. Activagers is intended for people over 40 years and offers 40 to 65 of their own place on the Internet to get acquainted, find old friends and contacts. On activagers free of charge, users can enjoy all the features available, such as sending E-Mail and messages to other members, chat, create their own profiles, service clubs, and blogs. In addition, each user can upload photos, videos, music, create and place links to them – in your profile, blog, their own clubs or need to be discussed at the forum topics, provide access to this information with others. Activagers funded by people aged 40 years who ischyut minded, because Internet platform is not targeted at their age group. Most of the known community created for the young or highly specialized.

Activagers is the first international operating platform for mature users, which enables them to meet and communicate. The main difference from other social networks is that users can communicate on activagers not only with those they know, and anyone else with the platform. On activagers lbboy user can simply and unobtrusively meet and make friends, talk with others complex and multilateral topics, from any category: Love Travel, Leisure, Sports, Recreation, Hobbies, Society, Technology, or just about his favorite dishes and drinks. Activagers is primarily a platform for the age group over 40 years. So there is a lively exchange of views and ideas with old friends and zankomymi. Of virtual dating at activagers arise very often the real relationship and friendship. In addition, you will find on activagers magazine with current news for your age group, calendar with interesting events and activities, as well as your own travel guide with suggestions for individual recreation.

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