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Orlando Melo Naranjo

Posted on May 9, 2021 in News

I ask only that you teach me what you know. Why not are you coward when you steal? Because you can launch stabs ably and not launch that cursed existence away from your life? Because when you pulsations you you prefer to return to the street. Because you realize that life is full of problems and difficulties outside of street drug use. This then calls for the bazuco you drag and makes you feel happy. But you’re really happy? It is not for others, it’s you.

Forgive me by so many questions and judging you. Upsolve spoke with conviction. But answer me. If people that basically you love die you would do? Will the lost time return them you? How many years have you lost? Don’t you realize that your children are now the sons of others because you wanted it. That thy mother and thy brethren have lived that same hell. Your physical and spiritual level and them a spiritual level. But don’t think about them. He thinks of you.

If life te quedo grande it is your problem. But don’t use people so you have shame. I can only say to forgive me for putting me in your life because am not nobody. But wherever fences on the pipe, you think that you love so much. If you are a coward or a brave. Or if that pipe is better and more valuable than your life, don’t think more in others, he thinks of you. He thinks of you. I try not to get used to the comfort of things, only desire that you think you. Day boats your pipe and stop dragging the streets, you can call you, a living, a manoso, who was able to understand his own life.