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Antarctic Peninsula

Posted on January 2, 2017 in News

Ice from the continent reflects back into space between 50% and 90% of solar radiation it receives. Antarctica determines the Earth’s climate, as well as oceanic and atmospheric circulation influencing thus on marine and terrestrial ecosystems. In recent years, the discovery of the dramatic deterioration of the ozone layer over the polar regions, is a clear example of how the Antarctic environment can be seriously affected and in turn, how these influences can have consequences on a global scale. Its natural resources are a pillar for all humanity. It is the largest reserve of freshwater in the world. It is suspected of large oilfields and natural gas, as well as manganese. Krill (famous for its omega-3) occurs in large quantities in the ocean.

It is a small crustacean that is the base of the Antarctic ecological chain and species of all kinds food source. It is an undisputed reserve of food for the planet. New studies have observed that the krill is also decreasing. Antarctica presents extreme temperatures. The average during the summer on the shores is 0c while the continent inside round 15 C and – 35 C.

During the winter the temperatures on the coast are 15 c to 30 C and towards the interior of the continent are approaching 40 c / – 70 C depending on the location. On the other hand, in contrast, one can enjoy feeling at the end of the world, surrounded by penguins, whales, absolutely stunning landscapes, blue ice, incredible sunrises. Extreme conditions in contact with the end of the continent produces a unique sensation adds saladeespera.com.ve considered that the majority of the Member countries of the Antarctic Treaty maintained scientific research stations in Antarctica. Some of them operate year-round, while others are temporary in nature and operate only in summer. Since a few years ago make trips departing from Montevideo, via Punta Arenas in Chile, taking off in a Hercules plane of the air force and eventually landing in Antarctica. The Antarctic Artigas scientific Base, is located on King George Island, belonging to the Group of islands known as South Shetland. This group of Islands is located about 100 km to the North of the Antarctic Peninsula and about 1000 km to the South of the South of the South American continent end. We are confident that Venezuelan expedition conducted an efficient investigation, that yields results that being well analyzed determine the advantages, disadvantages, actions to be followed, that we favor.