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Myths About The Smart Home

Posted on June 27, 2020 in News

Modern House – is not just walls and a roof to protect us from bad weather, not just the night, not just our cozy haven, not just a place to work and leisure. We want our house was more independent. That he himself was able to take care of themselves and of us, therefore, to invent new methods and technologies that will save the homeowner from at least part of the homework will fulfill all his needs by simply pressing a couple buttons. And, it would seem that for the building automation system is not even the future and the present, is undeniable. However, like any progressive idea, the idea of 'smart home' is cluttered with myths and ridiculous assumptions. Let's try to dispel the most common ones. 'Smart house' – it is very expensive This is one of the most common myths.

Of course, to say that the pleasure of the cheap – it means to lie. Currently, however, many companies offer services are fully available to residents of conventional apartments, not just luxury housing. In addition to the expensive, multi-component systems, which allow almost complete automation of the house on the market there are a number devices for installation and setup which does not require the high cost of designing, laying of new cable networks, complex programming. But while such modules and systems that serve a broad range of functions intellectual home. Thus, the most popular home automation tasks can be implemented without the dizzying cost. 'Smart House' difficult to manage today a computer for someone already become an indispensable assistant in the work, although, of course, for many it remains a sealed book.

Electronics Magnets

Posted on April 4, 2011 in News

Already mentioned in the context of the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor unit 'thermophilic' RMX140J are 46% cheaper than the closest analog of the line vrv. The modest size of the block (1350h880h320) pose a new scroll compressor with a motor, for which the company Daikin in Japan received another prize for progress in the life achievements of the Institute of Electronics, ieej. A new magneto-dc motor Optimized Reluctance dc motor, also known as 'Brushless' has several advantages over conventional electric motors. In contrast, ferrite magnets used in most engines, the engine used in a magnetized neodymium magnets (neodymium), having considerably more power. Motor rotor includes a curved iron plates, the location of which relative to the magnets is chosen to ensure maximum driving force. This leads to a decrease in consumption electricity and thus increases the efficiency of the engine. If you continue to practice the analogy with the world of internal combustion engines, the idea of a new engine Daikin is just as revolutionary as a source of pride Herr Ferdinand Pieha – Units W12 and W16, wherewith group vag equips its top models: Audi A8 and the Bugatti eb. Once and for focusing on the optimal half-liter volume of the cylinder, Volkswagen designers improve cardinality as well as economic engine performance, 'threading' on a crankshaft as a two row (R) engine and two V-shaped his own design (VR). By placing their new magnetically motors dc 'under the hood' blocks of Super Multi Plus, the designers at Daikin essentially performs a similar task: maximum performance (18.9 kW) with a minimum consumption (5 kW).