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World Wide Web

Posted on December 11, 2013 in News

All we have almost no mother's milk, that free cheese is only in a mousetrap. At the word "Free" and "Freebie" We try not to react – probably because of some deception. But in this case I am not calling to go into that same trap, and just think, all we know? What are the alternatives to their traditional way of life still exist? Nobody argues with the assertion that in the city life of modern man depends largely on the money. Go with a girl on a date, sit with her in a cafe? Need money. Spend time with friends? Again money. And really what to say about fashion, home furnishing, and various services? It would seem obvious link – the more money the higher the social status and the happier life. But what do ordinary people who can not afford for expensive and pretentious gloss? Lock yourself in the four walls Not at all! It is only necessary to include a little imagination and creativity.

Then survive the crisis will be more fun and easier. To keep the girl, if not a lot of money? Turn fantasy and are looking for original solutions. For example, in the author's website offers 25 ideas of free or cheap dates. It is quite something can be to adopt. Go to the movies for free? It turns out this is possible! Not only see but also to discuss with other viewers art-house pictures, films, winners of prestigious film festivals is possible in some Moscow clubs.

For example, the club "Ulitsa OGI" club "Tin", the club Bilingua conduct such screenings. Change the appearance? It turns out that this can be done absolutely free! Few people know that in Moscow there are a number of training centers Hairdressing art and manicure, where for a haircut or manicure you will not pay anything! And it is not about starting a hairdresser, and about professionals who improve their qualifications. Why not take advantage of such proposal? Free or cheap to buy the right thing? Ceremony. We need only to part with the stereotype that all things are sold in stores. Try to find what you need on the Internet. Places on the World Wide Web where people are offering free or in exchange of not they want more things abound. Wander through the spaces of the Internet and it is quite possible you will become happy owners of the necessary things for free or for a minimal symbolic remuneration in the form of juice or candy. As they say, the Internet to help you! All of the above proves once again that it is not necessarily "be on a freebie," and can only be wisely use the resources we have. After long been known that hard times only to stimulate the creativity and the search for unconventional ideas. As they say, cheese is free, and is affordable) Draw conclusions, gentlemen!