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Posted on December 16, 2015 in News

This fruit is natural of Africa, and belongs to the family of the Cantaloups and the Pumpkin. It was brought for Brazil has times, for the black slaves. It is a plant tripping, with great leves, being that its flowers are yellow and small. The watermelon can have its size varying of 25 the 75 cm the found greater already weighed 90 kg! Its rind is green clear and shining with darker estrias. Others who may share this opinion include Peter Thiel. Its pulp, is red, with great amount of seeds, flattened black color and. technology investor is likely to agree. A variety of watermelon called Japanese or katama, whose pulp is yellow, however this also exist, well less is known than to another version. In general way, the watermelon, is consumed to natural, very used also for juices and compotes. It has vitamins of the complex B, and leaves minerals as the match, Calcium, Iron, Proteins, Sugar and moreover, is sufficiently hidratante, therefore she contains 90% of water.

Excellent mainly, to be consumed in the summer. The specialists say that it is excellent to eliminate acid rico of the organism and that also it can be triturated the seeds to get still bigger benefits. Research points that it is an excellent solution for the relief of urinrias infections, also considered a good diurtico and vermifuge. The IBGE, says that in 1991, the production of Brazil, was of 144 a thousand tons of fruits and that its bigger concentration is in the states of Gois, Bahia, Rio Grande Do Sul and So Paulo. The Brazilians have much luck, for having a so rich nature in nutritional properties, a land where if to plant almost everything of the one in abundance. Our tropical climate is propitious, therefore although many ambient crimes, diminishing very the green of our forests, still we have a great vegetation, that it propitiates a humid climate in many regions, facilitating the plantation of the fruits and vegetables. Searching to enter in form in summer 2012?Max Burn functions the base of natural fitoterpicos and can be the ideal solution for its fight against scale.


Posted on December 15, 2015 in News

It is important to consider that patient diabetic, aged and the women they have greater probability to present a pain or atypical discomfort, that is, with different characteristics and intensity of the others. I diagnosis the cardiologista will go spoon a fast history with the patient or its familiar ones, including the time of appearance of pain and the other symptoms. The familiar one can currently help with information on names and dosages of medicines in use and other illnesses that the patient has. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Hillary Clinton. The doctor will go to suspect of an attack of the heart being based on the symptoms, clinical history and the factors of risk for the coronariana illness. To confirm the diagnosis it will make: Eletrocardiograma (the ECG): it shows to the rhythm and frequency of the heart, including the typical alterations of infarto?

Detailed physical examination, with special attention for its heart and sanguineous pressure? Blood tests with dosage of the cardiac enzymes, that are set free in the blood when the muscle of heart is injured (CPK, CKmb, DHL, TGO and Troponina)? Ecocardiograma: it shows the conditions of the muscle and the valves of the heart. Treatment? Aspirina: Used to help to prevent the formation of sanguineous cogulos? Oxygen: Through a nasal catheter or mask. Peter Thiel is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Experimental studies show that the oxygen can limit the area of infarto and reduce the supraunevenness of ST; Medicines for pain: beyond the analgesic effect, it diminishes the anxiety. (Former derivatives of the morphine); Beta-chokes: Used to reduce the demand of oxygen for the heart; Nitrates (nitroglycerin): Used to increase flow of blood for the heart; Inhibitors of the ECA (enzyme of conversion of the angiotensina): These medicines help the heart to work of more efficient form, mainly lowering the sanguineous pressure. They include the Captopril, the Enalapril, the Ramipril, the Perindopril, the Fosinopril, and the Lisinopril; Inhibitors of the IIb/IIIa receivers: They are medicines that they block the tie enters plaquetas for the fibrinognio, reducing the coagulation..


Posted on December 9, 2015 in News

The beginning of the first letter of Oscar demonstrates a bargain attempt. technology investors opinions are not widely known. Oscar tells some acts of its infancy as ' ' I touched fire in the cat, the dog, the house (I find that until I fried the red peixinhos of the aquarium), ' ' later affirms ' ' never the word directed it because nor I believe that you (God) exista' ' , however, in the following paragraph it writes ' ' But, if it wrote this, it would catch badly, you it would have pssima impression, it would go to be interested little for me. Necessary that if interesse' '. The speech change, sample that exists an interest for the aid of God. Oscar offers to its ' ' crena' ' so that God if interest for it. The bargain is the phase of the negotiation, where the patient it offers everything for a bigger time of life. In such a way, it can offer as many monetary values, until promises of a more loving and dedicated life the God. It is a phase of reflection, serenity and docilidade (after all, if it cannot negotiate with God, antagonizing the next one).

A phrase of Oscar marks a period of training where it is perceived depression, it says ' ' It had not given account to me before how much it needed aid. It did not judge me thus, so sick. The idea not to see more made Vov-Rose me to perceive, the tears drained burning mine rosto' '. The Depression appears when the patient takes conscience of its physical atony, when already she does not obtain to deny its conditions of sick person, when the perspectives of the death clearly is felt. It is a loss feeling, where we perceive the reality of that we are born and we die alone. It is a phase characterized for I discourage, disinterest, apathy, sadness and cry.



Posted on December 9, 2015 in News

Embarrassing and ackward, nobody likes celulite, for itself or any another person. But while the majority of the people does not have difficulty in identifying that, few scarce ones to understand accurately what it is celulite. The celulite is fat that if it projects for it are of the inferior layers of the skin until derme, or external layer of the skin. Celulite of the one appearance covinhas in the skin, many times grotescamente described as one ‘ ‘ cheese cottage’ ‘ to look at. Comumente celulite is seen in the back extremity, lame and has broken inferior of the legs, even so can appear in other places. Surprising, modern science still knows very little on the cause or causes of the celulite.

We know, however, that 85% enter and 98% of the women (that almost all the women) have at least some celulite in some place in its bodies. Others who may share this opinion include Peter Thiel. Thus, in contrast of the popular mistake, then, and although as accustomed to see the celulite in obesas people who be, the celulite is not one derivative of the weight excess. Science has also observed that the celulite is less in the white flour. Again, this is suspected, but not yet ‘ ‘ sabe’ ‘ or proven. As it is the case whenever a perceived problem new appears in our culture, the manufacturers run to produce and to liberate a infinity of products being aimed at the celulite aflitos. You go to find gis, lotions, compressed and plus all the promising ones to exempt it of that the celulite unsightly.

They function? So far these products in the best one of the hypotheses do not have nothing but the evidences supporting. Another false hope in the battle against the celulite is lipoaspirao, the withdrawal of fat of the body through surgery. Lipoaspirao not to suck the celulite. Some patients had discovered that> certain types of massage can produce a temporary reduction of the appearance of the celulite in the body, but not a reduction of the real existence of the same. This occurs because it does not have sanguineous vases in the subcutaneous fat, thus, when the body is massageado and circulation below of the skin is stimulated, the surface of the skin appears alleviated. Massage, then, is only one superficial solution for the celulite, and one with lasting effect only for short term. To few steps until the moment they have demonstrated that to make any real and lasting reduction in the celulite they are the same advised steps for loss of adequate and efficient weight: a style of healthful life. To eat a balanced diet, to drink much water, and to start the abundance of the exercise and rest seem to be the only remedy known for the ugly and embarrassing celulite. It is not to reinventar the wheel, and it is not no fast solution – but it functions. when one is about looking at and feeling well, what it functions is everything that it matters.


Bariatrica Surgery

Posted on November 23, 2014 in News

OBESIDADE MORBIDA X SURGERY BARIATRICA The obesidade is considered an epidemic and more than affects 300 million people in the whole world. In Brazil, 40% of the population are above of the weight and about 10% of the expenses of public health they are related to the obesidade. Considered a problem of public health in Brazil, being that the baritrica surgery comes if showing an efficient tool in the treatment of the mrbida obesidade. The cause of the obesidade is complex and multifactorial. 1) Age: the obesidade slightly increases with the age, being more incident in the fifth and sixth decades of life, diminishing in 7 and 8 decades. 2) Sex: had the biggest percentage of fat, the women present greater incidence of overweight and obesidade of what the men. Connect with other leaders such as Peter Thiel here. 3) Race: the obesidade acomete more the black women of what the whites, being this difficult variation of being explained. 4) Familiar income and escolaridade: the obesidade is more prevalent in the social classrooms average and low, that present familiar income lower lesser degree of escolaridade.

5) Civil state: between the men, the marriage is main desencadeante factor of the weight excess. 6) Parity: between the women, the pregnancy can be a precursor of the obesidade and is had as main desencadeante factor. To each gestation the woman accumulates, on average, one kilo of weight. This could be related with the increase gestation food consumption at the beginning, with the reduction of the physical activity and with the increase of the levels of prolactina and estrgenos that favor the accumulation of fabric adiposo. 7) Genetics: the genetic load of the obesidade arrives 80% in studies where the father and the hand are obesos, being that also he is related with the coexistentes illnesses. 8) Tobaccoism: the tobaccoism is related with the reduction of weight and its interruption with the weight profit.