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Saving Money

Posted on October 6, 2017 in News

Dear Lectores: It always thought that to save counting on my pay it was an impossible dream practically. Every day the pays adjust more to our basic needs and they do not cover aspects as importsante as it is it the recreation and the planning of our financial future (investments). Seeing this panorama I get ready to develop additional activities with the idea to increase my income and the surplus to contribute it to a plan of saving and investment. Although it asked how I win extra money to me to always save arose opportunities that focused my attention. Therefore, I managed to increase my income, to improve my current financial situation but at the end of the annual period it found me that it followed following my monthly entrances.

It was really to look for a work, business or extra activity the solution in order to make but money? This experience made me reflect and me d account that without no previous planning, my goal would simply fall in a state to cover nonhigh-priority needs, with my extra entrance, but in the end was in the same financial position without any bottom of savings. The habit to save if it is possible, for my are excuses of no no nature. Who sets out to save and to formulate a plan financial must do it with an attitude signs and determined to change. In order to change we must know how because we want to change and towards where we want to change. Not to know this clearly is like sailing without compass nor direction some, giving like result that we are lost in our acts and we have null results. Therefore, if we decided to have a saving habit and investment we must do the following thing previously: To realise a personal balance to discover our true financial needs.


Climatic Change

Posted on January 1, 2017 in News

The planet is being warmed up, from the North Pole to the South Pole, and throughout. The effects in the increase of the temperatures and the climatic change are not being made hope nor will come in the future distant. They are happening right now. The signs are appearing throughout, and some of them are surprising. Not only it is the heat, the defrosting of glaciers and the marine ice, also is the change in the precipitation landlords and the establishment of the animal in movement.

Some impacts of the increase of the temperatures already are happening and these are some of them who can be generated by the Carbon Dioxide and its impact in the environment: * The ice is melting anywhere in the world, especially in the poles. This includes mountain glaciers, the ice layers that cover the Antarctic Occidental and Greenland, and the marine ice in the Arctic. * The Investigator and scientist Bill Fraser have followed the declination of the Adelia penguins in the Antarctic, where its number has fallen of 32,000 to 11,000 reproductive pairs in 30 years. * One in the last notices a great increase in the level of the sea years. * Some butterflies, vixens and alpine plants have moved more to the north where they find zones colder. * The precipitations (rain and snow) have increased anywhere in the world, in average. The previous effects are those that can clearly at present be noticed in the nature and environment, next we enumerated some effects that will be begun to notice in the future very near like clear effect of the global calemiento: * An increase among 7 and 23 inches in the levels of the sea is anticipated (of 18 to 59 centimeters) at the end of century, in addition a continuous melting in the poles could add between 4 and 8 inches (10 to 20 centimeters). * The hurricanes and other storms can get to be stronger.

* The species that depend on others can be outside synchrony. For example, the plants could bloom before their insects pollenizers respond to the changes. * The floods and the droughts will become more common. precipitations in Ethiopia, where the droughts already are common, could fall in 10 percent in next the 50 years. * Less fresh water will be available. If layer Quelccaya the ice in Peru continues melting to the present rate, will have disappeared for year 2100, leaving to thousands of people who depend on her for the potable water and the electricity without a reliable source of fresh liquid. * Some diseases will extend, like the malaria transmitted by mosquitos. * The ecosystems will change, some species will move towards the north to be more successful, others will not be able to move and could be extinguished.


Karl Samonig

Posted on January 8, 2016 in News

One can imagine that there is a long list of tenants, who wish to stay in an energetically renovated House. This is against the background that the so-called second rent, so the expenses for electricity, heating and hot water, households increasingly charged. Hillary Clinton will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Here is the SAMONIG AG also when raising capital-new ways. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Hillary Clinton has to say. The refurbishment of real estate is a business area with attractive odds and a high potential for growth for investors. In addition to its own money, bank loans, and the integration of programmes, the SAMONIG AG financed their activities by issuing a bond. The issuance of the loan of EnergiePlus is initially 10 million euros in a capital investment of at least 1000 euros. The interest rate of the loan is at 7.5 percent per year…Against the background that the maturity of the loan is with considered from now on very short four years is this investment even more attractive. The collateralization of the loan takes place by liens on the acquired real estate.

A trustee also ensures the transparent sharing of resources. For the first time, as a real estate investment for private investors is possible, which invests exclusively in the energy-related modernisation of real estate. With the drawing of the loan of EnergiePlus investors to fulfil their desire for a safe and ecological investment in the area of real estate investments. At the same time achieve our investors attractive yields. “, explains CEO Karl Samonig.

“Different than one would expect, he wishes many imitators in”. It is better to save to build new power plants to produce new so than energy. Now organic or conventional. Since it is currently impossible to repair the huge inventory of real estate that is at once energetically we hope on a real movement among the real estate entrepreneurs”, Karl Samonig explains the reason for this unusual Perspective. This is also a clear appeal to the policy in Germany – to give the same attention of energy saving such as promoting renewable energy. For more information,


Karl Samonig

Posted on December 24, 2015 in News

A Open Real Estate Fund buys depending on the capital input inventory attitude objects that he must sell as well, when capital will flow elsewhere. The real estate are usually only rented. You are not touched in fact in fact”. The return on the open real estate fund is therefore exclusively from the rental yield and the possible sale with profit. technology investor understands that this is vital information. This business was not easy in the last decade.

With a loan instead to be financed an entrepreneurial idea that mortgage secured by a real estate lending. Let’s take the example of SAMONIG AG, which specializes in the particularly promising business field of energy-related modernisation of real estate. Below is the rehabilitation of real estate with the aim of achieving significantly better energy values. Due to rising costs for energy, this means increasing exposure to current expenditure and costs for the hot water, there can be only question, to reduce the energy wasters in households”, explains Karl Samonig as Board of Directors the SAMONIG AG. With his commitment, he’s right, because more and more households feel the second rent as a punishment. Anyway, it is possible to achieve lower energy expenditure up to 70 percent if you energetically renovated real estate.

To this business area, which enjoys a large demand to ensure SAMONIG takes the AG with the capitalization of their measures new ways. In addition to its own money, bank loans and the involvement of programmes the SAMONIG AG finances its activities through the issuance of a bond? The issue volume is first EUR 10 million at a minimum investment of 1000 euros. The interest rate is 7.5% per year, which is significantly above the market level. We need to mention that such interest naturally also clear about the possible outcome of open real estate funds is not at this point. For more information,