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Cellular Windows

Posted on October 31, 2013 in News

To remove to Notes and Notes Many platforms of cellular come with applications to remove to notes or notes, but really he is very expensive with respect to time and money to be able to obtain a cellular one that it fulfills all the requirements. An aspect important to consider is to see if the platform has the system to remove notes from our voice and not only of text. Obvious it will depend on the job stream that we have, but of all ways I consider that he is but practitioner to speak and who the platform writes the note to us that we to have to write it. At the moment there are platforms that support types of applications both, but there are some only specialize in one. One of the stable applications but to remove notes is Evernote. This platform as much supports applications for Mac as for Windows, access via Internet and clients of cellular for Iphone, Blackburry, Palm Pre, Cellular Windows and Sony Ericsson X1 for Android clients in a beta version. Evernote supports notes via voice, along with posts mail route and also through options for Twitter.

Another acceptable application is Microsoft OneNote for users of Windows, who surely I sent a new version for 2010. The users Android they can look for NotePad, Notices Everything and AK Notepad for text notes. However for voice notes they could use VoiceText to transform voice notes into text notes. 3) Calendars Surely all we do not have a secretary who administers each meeting perfectly to us that we have in our complicated calendar. But of all ways it is necessary to be in the top of our complex calendar. There are many and good platafromas for this type of applications. If sos a Android user you can use the apliacin of Google Calendar, a very good option to administer of the best way your tasks.

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