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Technology Plans

Posted on August 14, 2017 in News

Application of technology to create a laminated veneer lumber strong frame which resist deformation, and consequently, will serve their owners for many years. Used for bonding waterproof glue acts as extra protection from the negative natural influences. Double-glazed windows in the euro windows are two-or three-compartment. For heat and sound insulation in the frames used double and sometimes triple loop seal. In connection with this eurowinows not require gluing for the winter – are adjacent to the window sash box tight enough. Finnish window.

FINNISH windows have two sets of wings that are fastened together with special fittings. In one of the valves installed ordinary glass in the other – glass. With this design to realize the opening of windows in the two planes is quite difficult, although sometimes produce Finnish wooden windows that open, and in vertical mode. To ventilate and provide small transom windows. Sometimes, in cases where the use of curtains is not desirable, the Finnish interior window shutters installed to manage the flow of light in the room. Material for the production of Finnish windows is often natural wood, rarely used double-laminated board. To more effectively apply the contours of the adjacency leaf seal. The Norwegian Norwegian windows windows combine features of Russian and European windows windows. Similarities with the joinery of wood attached to an array of quality materials which should be very strictly: it must be of high quality northern pine or larch. Similarity with the euro-windows is the use of glass, but the technology has serious differences.