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Suspended Ceiling

Posted on November 4, 2014 in News

Today in the implementation of repair is increasingly in vogue include suspended ceilings. It is sewn stripes fabric or pvc (polyvinyl chloride). This whole fabric should ideally suited to the size and characteristics of the room. The advantages of stretch ceilings are: – virtually unlimited life – the absence of deformation, changes in color – the use of high humidity – no construction debris after installation – improved soundproofing the room – the existence of fire-fighting qualities – the opportunity to place on him fire suppression systems, ventilation and wiring – providing waterproofing – unboundedness of color decisions. There are several types of suspended ceilings. Matte surface looks like a good plaster ceiling, and they will be perfect for a standard, classic repair facilities. Glossy stretch ceiling help increase the space, because they have a mirror effect, with the ceilings seem higher and bigger.

In addition, the stretch ceilings can represent any liked picture or even a photograph. When choosing colors ceiling need to focus on colors of the premises, and should listen to their wishes. Do not forget that there are cold and warm colors. To a cold include: – blue, reminiscent of the sky or the sea, brings peace and tranquility – green, bringing the freshness of a summer garden, helps calm the nerves – white, suitable for interior design and various shades. To warm tones include: – yellow, reminiscent of sunlight, warms and helps to improve performance – pink, corresponding romantic mood – red, causing a surge of adrenaline.