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Tag: computers and internet

Startup Windows

25 October, 2017 (06:11) | News | By: eye

At the time of this writing, sufficient memory for an office computer 512 mb (in the extreme case – 256 MB) for the game – 1 gb and bolee.Drugoy way to improve computer performance – his careful tuning. In addition to the optimal parameters bios, should be well set up the operating system. For example, […]

Useful Torrent Tracker Server

18 December, 2014 (04:58) | News | By: eye

At this time, anyone who has ever come across a computer in daily life or at work, is aware that movies, games, software, music, books, and much else are needed in large numbers for work or leisure activities. Maybe someone uses the above all for fun, someone is needed in the workplace. Actually this is […]

Game Testing

5 November, 2014 (05:04) | News | By: eye

Cinema-test to verify the video capabilities, we drove monitor step by step from the very best in quality Full hd signal up to the destroyed digital MP4 compression with a resolution of 520 images by 230 points. High quality video monitor showed, as they say "in all its glory." The picture is clean, extremely realistic, […]

The Fastest Internet

12 August, 2014 (16:02) | News | By: eye

75-year-old Swedish pensioner Sigbritt Lotberg has written himself into the history of the World Wide Web. Her house is the world's fastest Internet: Connection speed of 40 gigabits per second. Now Sigbritt Lotberg may, for example, movie download format hd dvd in 2 seconds or watch tv at the same time in 1500. Perhaps check […]