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Targeting An Audience

Posted on June 25, 2020 in News

Label the segments of your target audience can not count on the fact that your business will thrive only through the ideal buyers. Therefore it is necessary initially to identify and describe all the segments of the target audience. For example, you open a restaurant catering service – quite popular in the present case, generally known as the English word catering. As in any other case, in the first place you will interested customers, who can use your ability to fully and, therefore, pay a maximum amount. However, in addition to providing buffets for 2000-3000 to the person you will probably be treated and for services for the corporate parties. So the customers you also need to pay attention. Ruth Shin is likely to agree. And such work does not affect the "focus" of your business – essentially you will still organize food on the road. You will earn less money, but do less. A number of satisfied customers only grow. But: Do not get too carried away process. In the case of catering, for example, you do not need to put the tray with the patty on bus stop, arguing that it is not incompatible with the concept of catering. Redmis opinions are not widely known. Know where to stay standing. Use all sources of information Industry publications, radio, television, and, of course, Internet. The network now – a huge amount of diverse information. You can find themed blogs, forums and portals. Do not forget about the sites of future competitors. The scope of your future work is supervised by a Department / Division of the municipality or regional government? Locate the site of this institution, there will certainly be the mass of statistical data on the industry. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Xiaomi on most websites. Create the perfect service system is no secret that "word of mouth radio – one of the most effective ways to promote products and services. Make it so that after a conversation with you or your client's employees returned to you – is not enough. You have to work so that you recommended friends and acquaintances. Then to you will not return by one, but in groups, with most of these groups will consist of new customers.

Open The Private Salon Of Optics

Posted on May 30, 2020 in News

In this business idea, I'll talk about this perspective, in my opinion, way of earning a salon .Na date every four Russians have vision problems, and the increasing computerization of the country reason to believe that this share will only grow. This means that for the development of the optical industry to date, the most favorable conditions. From an economic point of view, the glasses – a better product than contact lenses. Profitability of the business connected with the sale of contact correction, 20-30%, while sales of glasses could bring an entrepreneur in a large metropolitan area with 40% w returns. Obvious: the world's bespectacled fashion changes more often than the market contact linz.Ochki once purely corrective tool, today more and more into a style attribute, greatly increasing the number of potential customers of optical stores. Man in glasses look more intelligent and respectable. Yes, and the results of market studies indicate a high attractiveness of the optical industry for biznesa. in Moscow alone is about 3000 companies trading optics.

In this case, the Moscow market is filled with not more than 50% of potential capacity, to say nothing of the regions. However, there are constraints. Chief among them – the mentality of Russians. Well, we are not accustomed to pay from $ 100 high-quality frame and lenses made to order! Do not we love to visit an ophthalmologist regularly, but because years of wearing glasses. And yet the owners of opticians say that the tendency to change the situation has already started. Basically, due to youth.


Posted on November 14, 2013 in News

So, you’re hired to work. You do not like what you do, do not like the wage level, or you have long outgrown the level of wage worker. This is not important. The important thing: to live by the old you can not, and the new do not know how. It is so, is not it? And in this situation, some people quit their jobs and trying to create something of their own, often in tandem with other such their work. But in this case, neither you nor your buddies in the business know nothing about.

You are going together in the evening and is compiling an action plan. You say: this is now interesting little business, a great demand here, and you can weld a lot. And I parse this a bit. You have sat so patiently and decided to start acting. After all, anyone is understandable that it is beneficial. But it’s only you understand, but Market to your opinions do not care.

The more your opinion of 99% will be wrong, since you hired his reasoning mind, who does not know what is really happening in the business world. Section, you will continue with all available amount of money in half. Half invested in office and office equipment. And the other half in advertising. And sit, sipping tea, waiting to pour the same stream of clients. Day of waiting, second, third. And customers are not coming. And you’re starting a sinful deed think that the advertisers your money is simply stolen. In a cold sweat you grab a newspaper, then another, looking into the Internet.