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Marketing Viral Activates

Posted on September 16, 2014 in News

Viral Marketing: Turn your business! Viral marketing is a term that has achieved its popularity inside companies and of those seeking to promote a product so effective, fast and without investing large amounts of money on advertising. This term was developed from the analogy of a biological virus or in his case, cyber and its manner of propagation, transmission or contagion: body on body, system, system or in our case by word of mouth. The word of mouth spread is one of the tools that supports the viral marketing. It seeks to attract a greater number of people at a low cost advertising and the best way of doing this is through recommendation. Other leaders such as Naveen Selvadurai offer similar insights. Everyone at some point in our lives we have been partakers of a viral marketing commenting on how fantastic that is the movie we saw last Wednesday in the two to one, or to highly recommend a new restaurant that has captivated our palate, etc., etc. But of course, in these cases, I would be remiss to be make via the internet. Another elements of that viral marketing is supported is the electronic media as mobile phones and computers; which lead us to connect us with wonderful social networks.

And I say wonderful, because they are a great way to connect with the world through a single person. For example: if I know Peter and Peter meets Juliet, Juliet Megan in another country, Megan Joseph, Joseph to Thu-Tin in Thailand, and so on, is a hypothetical way to feel connected with the world through a person. Thanks to networks is that we can reach more people without having to spend much time, money and effort. Isn’t this an excellent advertisement for your product? Before proceeding with more forms of viral marketing operation, I want to comment that, in particular, seems very important to me because from my own experience, it is very annoying to feel attacked by advertising in the form of unwanted messages or that come from unknown senders or people. .