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Supreme Principle

Posted on February 12, 2013 in News

Not necessarily that it would have seen the God, it has interpretation exaggerated, what in the Toms truth de Aquino witness-it would have lived deeply a very strong intuition, certainty that if findou in act of death, as all passes the life reflecting regarding what he is God, could have cheated to a miraculosa vision of as it is to feel God in the totality of the spirit. God, under the philosophical optics (Metaphysical) consists in one To be of Supreme Principle, of the last Bedding, the Infinite and the Absolute one. Something that can allege that it is the sublime one. The sublime one is an undisputed beauty that is beyond the reason and of the imagination human being, whose esplendor and royalty if reduce to a terrificante astonishment to the human eyes. In other words, the reason human being, does not possess conditions to see the God, does not have rational support to conceive so great grandiosidade. What it leads to believe that Toms Saint would exactly have lived deeply decurrent an interior peace very intensified of its faith and certainty, what it does not hinder that other people live the same that it lived. The faith and the real certainty in something the form of the thought can be disclosed as, being thus, the thought commands such thing the point of a mysterious and fascinating interpretation to the point to find that the manifestation of God and the presentation Of it ahead of us poor mortals. It is certain that the human being does not possess the capacity to see it, making with that it finishes the mystery all. The most likely one is that nobody would have never seen the God. It had seen if it, would not have time to count to the others.