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South American Games

Posted on November 16, 2018 in News

It is not need to be any excuse to visit Istanbul, but this year the Turkish city is more appealing than ever. It is European Capital of culture 2010, despite the fact that it is not capital, nor European, nor lack which makes it. Programming includes exotic dances, festivals of folklore and one of the entrees, the exhibition on the treasures of the Kremlin which you can see in the Topkapi Palace from February to August. Take a group to enjoy this explosion of culture, you will love them. Transparent cement Pavilion in Shanghai from may, all eyes should be directed to Shanghai, where it is held an Expo which has the theme better city, better life.

More than 200 countries will participate in the appointment, where it will show to the world the latest advances in science, technology and architecture. Obviously must take into account that the hotels have risen much rates for those weeks and even so, it is almost impossible to find downtown accommodation for groups, but still worth trying, because the program is so wide that It will satisfy everyone. The pavilions of the Expo among China, a vast red inverted pyramid, although you will most like children is Japanese, where they will be greeted by robots that will guide them in the path. Some contend that mobile ad startup shows great expertise in this. The Italian is made with 6,000 panes of transparent cement, while Spain is presented in an eye-catching Pavilion with a facade of Wicker designed by Benedetta Tagliabue, which will have special protagonism gastronomy and filmmakers such as Isabel Coixet and Bigas Luna. Canada offers a program designed by Cirque du Soleil, while in Finnish you can enjoy all kinds of saunas. South Africa, navel of the world from June 11 to July 4, the navel of the world will be South Africa, host country for the World Cup. Aside from sporting emotions and events that have been organized in parallel (you it explain everything in the magazine 28), the country offers other attractions such as its natural parks or their wines of international fame.

If you are thinking of organizing any event there and you can afford it, you ask yourself boarding your customers in one of the luxury trains that run through the country, on Board of which we can make tasting courses. Latin America is this year’s celebration, since many of its countries commemorating the 200th anniversary of its independence with all kinds of events. Mexico is the region’s Cultural Capital and Medellin will place this month of March the South American Games. A good time to discover this destination yet little exploited by our sector. A converted into cultural industry destination if you prefer closer destinations, Normandy is also an excellent plan for this year, because there will be held this summer the first Impressionist festival, which will host all kinds of events related to this pictorial movement. Poland commemorates the Chopin year with dozens of shows throughout the country, and in Germany, the Ruhr Basin, also cultural capital, it will demonstrate how one of the worst hit areas of the continent by industrial restructuring can take advantage of its potential becoming the old fabrias art galleries and theatres. A good example of how any target can leverage to maximize its resources, if creativity is used.