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Self Storage Opens Third Location In Munich

Posted on July 16, 2019 in News

Self storage’ opens third location in Munich in less than a week is Christmas. But where is the Christmas decorations? Somewhere in the depths of the cellar, lost, which is already bursting at its seams. Directly on the middle ring in the Giesing district, SelfStorage has storage”now opened its third location. In the Chiemgau road 107 970 compartments were built in different sizes between 1 and 100 square meters. Citizens from the Munich-based East have now a very short way, when it comes, Christmas tree stands, Christmas balls, lights and Moors outside are suitable to store four walls. Total storage looks self”in Munich on a successful business year 2007. The two existing sites in Munich laim and in Forstenried reach a very high load with more than 70 percent. These figures confirm that already in market studies * predicted high interest in additional storage space in the city.

(33% of all households are very interested or interested in as a quote”) also by the third location in Giesing we are convinced that he just as well absorbed by the Munich, like its predecessors”, says Martin Gerhardus, managing partner of self storage”. But the expansion is not yet over. Three other locations are in construction or planning. End of 2008 are then in six self-storage “plants spread out over all of Munich secure total 6000 clean and dry storage compartments in different sizes are available to the market. This means an investment of a total of 46 million euros in Munich for the company.

Homes with little storage space and for small or damp basements are common especially in large cities. In addition the growing mobility in society and rapidly changing lifestyles family separations, profession, the need for more space outside the home reinforce. Looking for dry, therefore more and more Munich at self storage store safe and clean compartments”. In addition to our high-quality equipment, we offer our clients in Munich also fast and short journeys. At the latest at the end of 2008 with the opening of the last three sites in Berg am laim, Schwabing and Moosach we guarantee all people in Munich, that they reach us minutes from 5 to 10 within”, explains Gerhardus. Starting from 35 Euro per four weeks can Platzsuchende small compartments for self storage “rent. Opaque storage rooms in flexible sizes ranging from 1 to 100 m available are based on demand. “The rule of thumb is that for the storage of any apartment content” of 10 m in 95% of cases a 1 m storage compartment is sufficient. The home furnishings a 60 m large apartment fits in an average 6 m large storage compartment. The building of “Self storage” are protected by a multi-level security system, where only Customers using your own code can enter the site. The compartments are blocked with an own Castle and cameras guard the entire system around the clock. Unlike when forwarding the customer seven days has the week from 6 to 10 P.m. access to the premises.