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Saving Money

Posted on October 6, 2017 in News

Dear Lectores: It always thought that to save counting on my pay it was an impossible dream practically. Every day the pays adjust more to our basic needs and they do not cover aspects as importsante as it is it the recreation and the planning of our financial future (investments). Seeing this panorama I get ready to develop additional activities with the idea to increase my income and the surplus to contribute it to a plan of saving and investment. Although it asked how I win extra money to me to always save arose opportunities that focused my attention. Therefore, I managed to increase my income, to improve my current financial situation but at the end of the annual period it found me that it followed following my monthly entrances.

It was really to look for a work, business or extra activity the solution in order to make but money? This experience made me reflect and me d account that without no previous planning, my goal would simply fall in a state to cover nonhigh-priority needs, with my extra entrance, but in the end was in the same financial position without any bottom of savings. The habit to save if it is possible, for my are excuses of no no nature. Who sets out to save and to formulate a plan financial must do it with an attitude signs and determined to change. In order to change we must know how because we want to change and towards where we want to change. Not to know this clearly is like sailing without compass nor direction some, giving like result that we are lost in our acts and we have null results. Therefore, if we decided to have a saving habit and investment we must do the following thing previously: To realise a personal balance to discover our true financial needs.