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Receiving Smspayments

Posted on July 20, 2017 in News

Any web-entrepreneurs engaged in online business, trying to provide for its customers maximum flexibility in the methods of payment for goods and receiving payment for their services. Given that there are currently a whole heap electronic payment systems, often checkout pages into a dump of the buttons of various payment systems and services, and by and large much of it totally ignored. On the other hand, pausing only to say the system WebMoney, you can lose customers who prefer to eGold, and vice versa. It is therefore important to define the terms of payment systems, which prefer your potential clients, for example, to conduct a survey on the site. Click financial technology to learn more. I, by virtue of the fact that engaged in selling software, also conducted similar polls. They show that a significant part of the audience would prefer to pay for the goods by sending SMS messages.

All the same, despite the steady growth computer culture, is too small share of ordinary Runet users who have mastered the same WebMoney, Yandex.Money or eGold. Zamorochki with purses, obtaining passports, the problem of replenishment of these systems – all these are often too difficult for ordinary user. Run to the bank or the post office for the sake of hundred-ruble payment is also not everyone wants. But mobile is now almost everyone who uses the Internet. And payment of an inexpensive product, by sending an SMS, can become quite preferable for your client. I note with respect to his case – after the introduction of such a payment method for a hundred-ruble a registration key to the program, the proportion of SMS-payment of my product is about half from all the other methods.