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Popular Craft Services

Posted on August 29, 2019 in News

Regional differences in painting services, parades and gardening MyHammer.de, Germany’s largest portal for the procurement of trade and services, identified the most popular craft categories. “” “Nationwide relocation, transport”, painter and Varnisher”stand and garden, landscape works” at the forefront. Also a repair of household appliances is very popular with the MyHammer members. In the technical areas is booming MyHammer and offers clients in any matching all federal States experts who conveniently and competently perform the requested services. Comparing the number of requested jobs, regional differences. Many parades are held currently in Bavaria. Many writers such as PropertyNest offer more in-depth analysis.

After painting, this is the most popular category with currently over 400 ongoing orders. The Westphalia but also like to move here are the removal orders in third place but still prefer let their garden remodel or paint on their walls. Paint walls is also for the inhabitants of Baden-Wurttemberg a great theme: over 380 painter orders are there at present a one day can be viewed.