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Pietschconsult Consultware

Posted on October 12, 2017 in News

Visit US at maintain 2010 Hall 3, booth 412 consultware is the proven software solutions for the optimization of building management, asset management and project management. Here, Brad Pitt expresses very clear opinions on the subject. To maintain 2010 represents the Pietschconsult their new software products consultware inventory and consultware project before. consultware inventory is the practical solution for inventory management, as well as the maintenance and maintenance planning. Optimization and management of each technical inventory and equipment be simplified effectively. Your system availability and security increase in integrated expertise of over 20 years of practical experience. Easily your own object structures can be set in the shaping and inventory.

Search capabilities to navigate quickly to the desired object and has all the relevant data at a glance. The dynamic evaluations generate information and key data at your fingertips. With a convenient calendar function and the coloured indicator will be upcoming maintenance, repairs, as well as any other Activities planned and coordinated. Overdue maintenance can be registered with a view. Thus prevents longer system failures. Complexity of the tasks, the user at the Center at all times. consultware inventory is an easy to use software with all kinds of maintenance and maintenance management can be fully covered.

Inventory can be managed easily by drag & drop graphically in building plans. You can see exactly where what facilities and equipment are located. Maintenance, repairs and jobs be technical information to buildings and premises, inventory and equipment efficiently plan and manage. Clear statistics and intuitive evaluations help the weak-point analysis and form the basis for optimizations. The direct connection of Office products allows a quick and easy reporting. consultware project is the solution of successful for project management and the project cost tracking – with everything included. The software helps the project-related time acquisition of optimisation of all processes.