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Posted on October 31, 2018 in News

Our specialists are familiar with how to conduct solid work. Nonetheless, many are concerned the cost of construction and installation works that not surprising. For example, one cubic meter of monolithic construction cost 11000 – 24000 rubles. Our specialists are always ready to clarify the cost of construction and installation works for the particular case in order to solve all the problems customer. Often, reconstruction of the premises involves keeping masonry work. This brick laying, masonry natural stone, artificial stone or ceramic.

Not less popular reconstruction premises using a mixed masonry and lightweight masonry of various construction materials. In this case, the reconstruction of the premises is intended to not only the return of attractive appearance design, but also for heat and sound insulation, increased resistance to aggressive design of the environment. Finally, it should be chosen in the base plate, depending on the severity of the design. In many cases, the builders used the base plate of large thickness. In central Russia that option – it is the optimal solution.

It's no secret that the base plate and its thickness determine the insulation premises. Any mounting of the building structures and is inextricably linked to the conduct of roofing. Follow others, such as Adroll Marketing Platform, and add to your knowledge base. Not only the selected base plate determines the reliability of the house, but the quality of roofing work plays an important role. Today reconstruction of the premises and construction of buildings require not only a tight fastening of roofing material, but also the arrangement of the ventilation system. As an organization, which provides general contracting, we know that insulation of the roof – this important moment. Of course, you can reduce the cost of construction and assembly work, giving up a reliable system of ventilation and insulation of roofs, but such a roof will not last for a year. Of course, the cost of construction installation works for many customers is a critical aspect. The cost of construction and assembly work depends on each case. The thing is that we provide general contracting of construction, so familiar with all the nuances of the work. Our organization has long worked on the construction market, so we turn to a montage of building structures of any complexity, provide general contracting and construction're finishing work. We tried to compare the cost of construction and assembly works with the complexity of construction, scope of work and customer requirements. Because the cost of construction and installation work consists of a large number components and can vary quite considerable sums. Qualitative results – that's what St. Petersburg Construction Company is ready to offer the customer a reasonable cost.