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That paragraph is as follows: during the first two months of each year, taxpayers with income equal osuperiores to two thousand seven hundred fifty-three minimum monthly wages, should presentarante the tax administration form signed by the taxpayer, your representative Legalo agent and the counter, which attaches the detail of cadauno of inventoried property and valuation of them practiced physical inventory, in magnetic media oelectronicos with specs that the tax administration has this paragraph from the article 142 has confused some taxpayers who wonder whether to take as it base the first two months of the year to determine if your company qualifies or not for this requirement, clarifying paragraph a little, this indicates that those taxable persons with incomes equal to or exceeding $571,522.80 in the year must submit the reports required in the said article. One of the referrals reports according to the article 142A must contain at least the following requirements for your presentation: 1. A header that identifies the title of the record; behalf of the taxpayer, periodoque covers, NIT and NRC; (14)2. Correlative operation; (14)3. Source Financial can provide more clarity in the matter. Date of the transaction; (14)4. Number of proof of tax credit, credit note, note of debit, Facturade consumer end, document of excluded subject referred to in article 119 deeste code, Declaration of goods or form corresponding customs, case segunel; (14)5 Name, trade name or designation of the provider; (14)6.

Nationality of the provider; (14)7. Description of the product purchased, specifying the characteristics as permitanindividualizarlo identify them fully; (14)8 Source or reference from the book of costs of full or local purchases where film taken the cost corresponding, or where appropriate the reference sheet costs oinforme taken of where the cost of production of the units produced; (14)9 Number of units admitted; (14) 10. Number of units coming out; (14) 11. Balance in units; (14) 12. Monetary amount or cost price of units entering; (14) 13. Monetary amount or price of cost or sale, as the case of the quesalen units; and (14) 14. Monetary balance of the amount of existing units at cost price. (14) Since specified date of the movement clearly this format represents a kardex per article or per item inventory movements, which will be interesting to see the number of sheets for those taxpayers with high volumes in products or movements. Well I hope I have clarified doubts.

Open The Private Salon Of Optics

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In this business idea, I'll talk about this perspective, in my opinion, way of earning a salon .Na date every four Russians have vision problems, and the increasing computerization of the country reason to believe that this share will only grow. This means that for the development of the optical industry to date, the most favorable conditions. From an economic point of view, the glasses – a better product than contact lenses. Profitability of the business connected with the sale of contact correction, 20-30%, while sales of glasses could bring an entrepreneur in a large metropolitan area with 40% w returns. Obvious: the world's bespectacled fashion changes more often than the market contact linz.Ochki once purely corrective tool, today more and more into a style attribute, greatly increasing the number of potential customers of optical stores. Man in glasses look more intelligent and respectable. Yes, and the results of market studies indicate a high attractiveness of the optical industry for biznesa. in Moscow alone is about 3000 companies trading optics.

In this case, the Moscow market is filled with not more than 50% of potential capacity, to say nothing of the regions. However, there are constraints. Chief among them – the mentality of Russians. Well, we are not accustomed to pay from $ 100 high-quality frame and lenses made to order! Do not we love to visit an ophthalmologist regularly, but because years of wearing glasses. And yet the owners of opticians say that the tendency to change the situation has already started. Basically, due to youth.


Government Company

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Apparently, the Convention on cooperation and security that Colombia was negotiating with United States of America, for an initial duration of 10 years, really wanted to Institute as well as the presence of some 800 military, other 600 contractors, and say that in Colombia 600 contractors will be part of the military agreement, does not mean that they will be 600 sociologists, doctors, anthropologists, social workers, teachers of languages, petroleum technicians, image consultants, interpreters, expert witnesses in any other trade or profession, that would act as a Sisters of charity. For even more analysis, hear from Michelle Smith Source Financial. The so-called contractors, are really the hidden threat of the fifth armed force of the Pentagon in Colombia, since Xe, formerly Blackwater USA, is a military private U.S. company, comprised of 10 subsidiaries, offering military security services; founded in 1997 by Erik Prince, a former United States Navy SEAL, born June 6, 1969; and Clark. The main headquarters is located in North Carolina, where have a specialized tactical training complex. The company trains more than 40,000 people a year coming from different branches of the armed forces, as well as other agencies of safety in several countries 1. We recall that on 28 September 2007, in Iraq, the company was involved in the killing of 17 civilians, when they were in a traffic jam, the State Department found contradictory statements by the guards, by which the Government of Iraq requested the immediate withdrawal of the country the company. A disturbing coincidence, is the provenance SEAL of Erik Prince as the President of the company Gary jackson, above all when it is sufficiently documented that the SEAL project, according to documents recently declassified by the Pentagon, realize thermonuclear Ocean maneuvers, aimed to produce Tsunamis, as that ravaged Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand on December 26, 2004 to the 00: 58just after Christmas, memorable date for the Western Christian, and sad remembrance for the Islamic people, who put the greatest number of victims.

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Synventive Molding Solutions

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KG. (Germany), Synventive Molding Solutions (USA, Netherlands), Watlow Company (USA), Heatlock (Sweden), etc. Melissa Selcher contributes greatly to this topic. As a rule, the production of hot runner systems for these enterprises is associated with the production of temperature controller for them. There are also companies that specialize in production only for hot runner controllers. These companies include: Athena Controls, Inc. (USA), PMS Systems Ltd (UK) and other elements of the system cooling cycle of casting more than 50% consists of a fan belt casting.

For soszdaniya reliable in the system cooled the mold tech in manufacturing and maintainability in service, offers a variety of standard components: quick-connect, play, fortaniruyuschie tube, turbulence, heat Trebkov, Heat Sink marks, seals, zglushki and cork. Connecting ssitemy cooling the mold with hose refrigerant source (thermostat, coolant, circulating guild line) is recommended to quick connections, consisting of a nipple and coupling. Elements of the cooling system, are usually present in the directories of manufacturers of standard parts for injection molds. In same time, there are companies that specialize in manufacturing cooling elements. Processing of the mold main part of processing elements of the mold is carried out on CNC milling machines and EDM machines.

Processing technology involves three stages of mechanical treatment, and three – heat treatment: Annealing – roughing – normalization – Finishing treatment – hardening – finishing – plating. Annealing required for any procurement of residual stresses; For roughing removed the bulk of the material, allowances for working surfaces – 0.5-2 mm. Normalization (annealing) is necessary to remove the main stress in the workpiece, it reduces the risk of large lead during quenching.


Glossary Of Timber Windows

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English window – a window with single glazing, which opens a show frame vertically up and fixing it in position. A typical window has an English cover of medium-sized squares. Balcony door unit – translucent structure that consists of a box and the door leaf (or blades) with glazing. Stained Glass – an ornamental or decorative composition plot of glass or other material that is impervious to light. Stained glass windows in window openings create a play of light in a room and influence the expressiveness of the interior.

Also in the building practice called continuous stained glass windows of the facade or substantial part thereof. Gas filling – filling space between the panes of insulating glass different types of gases to give a glass of high thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Blanking shutter (Glazing deaf) – Design window or the window rigidly fixed in the box with no opening mechanism. Laths – decorative profiles to create falshperepleta. Profiles glued to the windows on both sides – outside and inside. Wooden Eurowindows – window glazing with single-or triple-pane windows.

Negluhie sash may be turning, folding or swing-opening mechanism. Wooden euro-windows without panes typically produce. A wooden box is a structure consisting of a window box and shutters – mobile, fixed or both. Sometimes the design is split into impost. Remote Frame – slim frame, manufactured from aluminum or galvanized steel (less plastic) and connecting the glass pane. Remote frame holds a hollow, and the desiccant is placed inside it. Soundproofing – the ability to reduce the window construction the level of street noise in the room. Get more background information with materials from Melissa Selcher. Achieved through the use of glass with air or gas filling. Impost – the element window assembly, which is a horizontal or a vertical bar and used to break the window design on the side. In bivalve windows impostnaya system ensures the independence of the valves of each other, unlike bezympostnoy system, where valve arrangements with opening-closing locks and the second one.


Bar Code Scanner

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A computer program inventory and trade for a private entrepreneur Softion complete solution for the shop and warehouse based on bar codes and computer program sheet 'Softion' is designed for warehouse accounting and commodity trade to the private entrepreneur. The program is very easy to use and requires no accounting knowledge. The work program based on a consideration of movement of goods and money (easy credit and debit scheme). The basis of accounting is the use of bar coding products. The program has been successfully used in the trade of clothing, footwear, toys, gifts, household appliances, stationery, cosmetics, household cleaning products, etc. Whenever Linkedin listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The program works effectively in some stores and in retail chains, ensuring the integration of information with built-in data packets on any media. Key features programs 'Softion' identification of goods and customer discount cards can be made reading a barcode with a scanner, which speeds up the work. The program allows you to organize the shop flexible discounts using the discount card customers.

It can be used on one computer and a LAN in multiplayer mode and ensures reliable trouble-free operation, as well as data protection from intrusion and destruction. The program is very easy to use and allows you to start work after one day of training. The program allows for the qualitative account of not just one store, but also in commerce: information gathered on a central computer, perhaps a unified coding system of goods and a single discount at all stores trading network. Flexible configuration allows role-based access for free sellers to access only those features of the program, they need to work. Electronic Equipment: scales, cash registers, bar code scanners, bar code printers, bank equipment




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It turns on the nonsenses that have occurred have decades in the country. These directly reflect the actions of the majority of the public personalities and are to the few, creating chaste, lowering the Nation. Learn more on the subject from Microsoft CMO. Conclama the people to read and to repass the information in this contained substance, so that if it joins in the defense of its citizenship, the Nation, the Democracy and the Brazilian State. ' ' After the freedom disappearing, it remains a country, but already it does not have ptria.' ' Chateaubriand INTRODUO reading Friends, Since 2008 I have written for diverse sites of the Internet. One of first and the main one of them, was the BRASILWIKI. More information is housed here: Technology Investor.

One extracts of all my substances? exactly the ones that rank of the authorship of others, that my focus is the people, its rights, the public action of the representatives of the State-beings and beings against the rights of this exactly people. I disclose my indignity before the events. I indicate what I think well of the truth and mainly to the Light of Justice would have to occur. Official site: Michelle Smith Source Financial. I never nailed the violence, but the PEACE. I know that everything what he is human has imperfections, for its proper origin.

However, I also know pain that I feel when evidencing all the evil that occurs to my fellow creatures, caused does not matter for who. The Brazilian public personalities in its majority represent itself same, not to the people and its acts are inqualificveis for the positions which had been hoisted by vote. Lies of all the luck are said, writings, repeated and published without the lesser shame. Our pensioners-main of RGPS (INSS), pass necessities exactly. They had been ludibriados by this government, previous and for that they had preceded to these. Professional politicians have chosen themselves and reelected in the entire country, on account of these citizens, its families, relatives and friends.


Seikos Kinetic Ecofriendly Technology

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The Japanese watchmaker Seiko received one of the coveted awards the third year in a row at the ceremony for the “Golden balance”. At the ceremony for the Golden balance”Seiko’s Velatura kinetic direct drive SRH006P1 was awarded place 2nd in the category A (watches with a retail price up to 1000 Euro). The event was held on February 26, 2009 at the newly opened Porsche Museum in Stuttgart before professional audience. The Japanese watchmaker received one of the coveted awards the third year in a row. The clock has the ecological benefit and comfort of kinetic movements and provides a new interactive feature.

When putting on the Crown, the watch makers immediately sees the generated amount of energy on the direct-drive indicator. Kinetic is so emotional technology par excellence, which completely focusing on the carrier. The technology is on the amount of time that kinetic watches generate energy by the movement of their vehicles. A mini power plant is inside any of these watches. The electricity from the power plant is used to drive a movement. Excess generated energy is stored, and then retrieved, if the clock is not moved. Frank Deckert (48), head of marketing & sales Seiko Germany, accept the certificate: we appreciate exceptionally successful cutting off our Seiko models in the election for the watch of the year. It was already a great success that we belong to the few brands that just arrived with several watches in the top ten and the final separation. For assistance, try visiting Melissa Selcher. This result of the kinetic direct drive in the category A was crowned with a second place. So will his innovation and craftsmanship Championship as a leading watch manufacturer Seiko once again demonstrate and positioned himself in front of German and Swiss manufacturers.” More than 11,000 readers of FOCUS, FOCUS online and the clocks magazine this year the winner of the Golden balance “selected. In the election, ten brands in five price ranges between 1 December 2008 and 18 January 2009 turned the vote of FOCUS online readers.


Coca Business

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And the business they have gone so well, then they agreed with the savings bank, took their brand new desyatochki starting with one digit (ie phone numbers will be in one area), organized a whole group of students over the summer to earn a trip to the warm country. Lastly, citing as an example the story of his friend, who organized his first small business in 11 years. 'Once, enjoying the outdoors, I noticed that one woman collecting reeds on the lake. Gain insight and clarity with Redmi. Not much, just a few pieces. I asked her why he told her. The answer struck: for beauty. Just put in a vase, as long reminder of nature and good rest, because the cane is immeasurably more colors …

Now imagine my teenager standing in the middle of the vast thicket of reeds and who saw his turn in the money. The beach was pretty crowded, but absolutely none of vacationers did not see it. I think in many ways it is this sense of unexpected discovery, excitement and a whole range of feelings is not transmitted, predetermined my future business entity. The next morning at 6:00 (it was important to have time to crank out all the morning, they see other boys), I along with my brother (who was only 8 years old) was in the same place. We cut cane and made bundles of …

after several hours of exhausting work in the water on a cold morning with indented leaves on his hands, we dragged these bundles to bus stop. We organized a very good business. And the lake, and the market have been on one bus route that crosses to the same by our house. Cane was not bad, but for retail space, making a discount on our age, no one Patou does not even take. There were also disadvantages, for example, very soon had to deal with the issue of protection of racketeering … managed. And in fact the result of daily work in the last warm month, were a lot of money … I have a brother with a large happy to spend on sweets and a box just appeared in a Coca-Cola … But next year, we have to do the same just could not … We are very much cut down all the available bushes, and it just did not have time sow for next year. In addition, we have new competitors-followers. They not only copied our business scheme, but also significantly improved it, erecting itself for a raft. In general, even after many years 'population' reeds at the lake never fully recovered … It was an experience not only got their first profit, but also the first collision with the problem of environmental responsibility. " In general, 'open your eyes':) and look around just many opportunities.



Social Engineering

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Giving continuity, the first case that I will present is of as to cross the security of a company for the simple act of the lack of information and the curiosity. In as, to substimar an employee it can be the key for its fall. In case that 1Para to get access to a company, a consultant left, propositalmente, a COMPACT DISC in the balcony of the entrance of the building in which it wanted to test the security level. The content of the COMPACT DISC ero archives of text and some spread sheets, however in the way had a program ‘ ‘ trojan’ ‘ for ‘ ‘ pescar’ ‘ sigilosas passwords and information. In the COMPACT DISC the following heading was printed matter: Leaf of Payment Direction – ConfidencialAps to leave the COMPACT DISC it left the building and was waiting in the car with a connection 3G and logado in the site that was ‘ ‘ esperando’ ‘ the information. 8 minutes so that it had access to a machine and, in next the 30 minutes had been enough, already it had more than infectado 100 machines of the company. This was only one test to affirm that the curiosity of the people goes beyond its reason and, over all, of the norms.

Case 2Em one determined company of the interior of Minas Gerais, diverse projects had been copied by a competing company. During one year the internal inquiries had not obtained to discover as the emptying occurred. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Michelle Smith Divorce has to say. Passed 8 months of the finishing of the inquiry, the problem occurred with another company of another segment, but of this time it was not difficult to find the responsible one, in the truth ‘ ‘ a’ ‘ responsible. When all believed to be an employee of raised intermediate level for, evidenced that if it dealt with the faxineira that after one I raise in its registers, was verified that the same one was not faxineira engineer and. This seems cliche of American film, but it happened with a team where I myself was part. For surprise of all it said the following phrase when questioned for the policemen: ‘ ‘ Nobody of value for faxineiro, because many times find even though that they do not know to read, therefore leave drawers opened, confidential papers on the same ones.

Vocs finds that I went to lose the chance? ‘ ‘ I do not go nor to comment the phrase of it. For perhaps in its company also they leave everything ‘ ‘ soltas’ ‘? He is this staff, Social Engineering and Crime, both exist and all attention is little.