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Posted on October 28, 2018 in News

Architecture: TEN architects / Enrique Norten location: Irapuato, Guanajuato. Mexico client: National Laboratory of genomics for the biodiversity of the design year: 2005-2007 year of construction: 2007-2010 FotosGordoa located in el Bajio, the breadbasket of Mexico, the national laboratory of Genomics is an extension of the Institute of agricultural studies. Location and the geology of the place – an empty field with a deep fissure beneath him gave rise to the metaphor that defines the shape of the building: a registration line divides the program in the Middle, with laboratories in one hand and administrative and Auditorium spaces on the other, and also delineates the public areas. This built fault line forms a civic intimate space that connects the various programmes. Visit Brad Pitt for more clarity on the issue. The construction project is located on an artificial topography especially level, a new field that expresses the nature of the work within the institution. Laboratories are absorbed on the site, mostly as a series of terraces that modulate the transition between interior and exterior of laboratory and field. Holes cut into the landscape architecture created isolated courtyards, with good light in the building. Integrated laboratories provide private and isolated research spaces and are also isolated and easily controlled test environments.

By contrast, administrative spaces and an auditorium affirm the presence of the technical and social. The transparency and accuracy of the facades carry the landscape towards the same construction, toward the building, but the contrast between the structure and the environment is a reminder to all costs of the function of architecture, engineering and high technology in the study of genomics. Throughout the project almost camouflaged effect integrates the construction and care of the site, at the same time, gives an air of intrigue to activities inside. With an investment of two million pesos, the Mexicans opened this laboratory of genomics to the conservation of the General direction of zoos and life of the Ministry of the environment. It has equipment and scientists specialized in molecular techniques for the development of strategies to protect various species of animals. The goal of this laboratory is to generate scientific knowledge of cutting edge to retrieve a large number of species of wildlife that are currently considered some kind of status, a species with status is an endangered species, the danger of extinction, is rare and these are the species that will be studied. Cordial: ArchDaily original author and source of the article.