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National Guarda

Posted on October 27, 2014 in News

The given attention eeste the last rank, lowest in the hierarchy, is only justified in relation would cavalaria therefore this considered age one sets to militate noble. 8 the research deAdilson of Almeida is a chance to know Guarda to break dopode that farda, the uniform confers National Guarda, a time to procurandofazer a counterpoint with the situation of Guarda and of Exercito, the question is not dares of farda is the situation that it provides to it, in some cases pessoasque served Guarda passed for financial necessities, therefore they did not receive osuficiente to live, being that before the service in the military service it lived more good. Exactly being oscargos of National Guarda distributed between you of the land nasprovncias and villages, in the cities also the patronage of the Guardanacional was formed. In many cases in the cities to be part of Guarda he needed deum purchasing power greater what in the field, therefore the colonel nominated in suapropriedade soon treated to form its miliciana troop, of this form free muitostrabalhadores was convoked by the colonels to compose the body deGuardas. Nacionale guard the Army the noImprio Army passed for crisis moments, a time that with the formation of the GuardNacional, many resources had been used for maintenance of the military service, the Exercitofoi to the few being forgotten, however had a relation enters Exercises eGuarda National, a time that at war moment was the Army that eraconvocado to fight in first line, another factor important to pararessaltar is that the Army could accept any citizen in its troop, atmesmo former-slave in war case mainly.

A question importante that Guarda was an association armed formed for civilians, and for soldadosprofissionais, not being a estamental society, that goes losing force until suaextino in the end of the imperial period. ' ' Fundadacomo troop auxiliary of the army. Thus, they were its objectives to institucionaissubsidiar the troops of first line in the defense of the sovereignty of the country front aospases foreign and to guarantee the maintenance of the internal order seted association, the national guard age, therefore, an institution organized for desenvolverdiferentes modalities of social control, that defined its in such a way atuaoquanto its internal estruturao.