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Metropolitan Monterrey

Posted on October 27, 2014 in News

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-There is a kind of pride among the people of Monterrey when they address the problems of insecurity, population or lack of employment: is that comes a lot of people from outside. Nothing more wrong. For starters, the foundation of the city of our Lady of Monterrey made it 12 families of Sephardic Jews who fought the fierce Indians who lived here and Yes really had what complain. At the end of the 19th century, Monterrey, its geographic position with United States was step forced for traders and bandits of the era. There is no difference in the present. But it was the industrial boom that brought with it the arrival of hundreds of Mexicans who came from other neighboring Nuevo Leon States by the need for labor.

The same Government Palace was built with materials and by people of San Luis Potosi. The corrido de Monterrey a kind of anthem – speaks of the pride of being from the North, from the mere sanluisito because there is Monterrey in allusion to the families that they lived in other communities to settle in the then banks of the thriving commercial, financial and industrial city that was already. Monterrey is a city where thousands of people have found El Regio dream and not a few who have built companies, factories and shops where progressed and contribute to the wealth of this land. So say that people coming from outside is like censoring the very roots of families of great prestige and others not so much because when you review your family tree will be with some of their ancestors arrived in Monterrey on the other part of Mexico and other countries. The regiomontana gastronomy shows kid roasted wood that brought the same Sephardic Jews who ate just prior to you destetara and on the long roads that had to go on foot, until they settled here. Outsiders have built bridges, built buildings, taking care of gardens, waiters working in the houses of those who need them.

Today builders sent by people to States far away as Oaxaca to occupy them in the infrastructure that does not stop in erect in this land of dreams. Dozens and dozens of girls and boys swarm the Mall of Monterrey on Sunday. All of them are workers in some House of the Metropolitan Monterrey. Yes: here, in the cosmopolitan city of Monterrey’s seal and the pride of a huge community so diverse that we should the Monterrey do not believe that we are unique. Because it would be like endorsing that they treat poor Mexican immigrants living in the United States. Let us take as party by the congruence. To the carrier if wages were competitive in Mexico, eleven million Mexicans would not seek the American dream. But we would not have the 25 billion dollars that sent a year to relatives who stayed here.