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Posted on July 24, 2014 in News

Carrying through informal interview with professors of physical education and coordinators concerning the searched subject. 12 CHAPTER I 1 Theoretical Referencial 1,1 the Origin of the Karat the fights had appeared since the origin of the man with objectives to defend themselves, to protect territories or to attack. According to Rangel (1996) ‘ ‘ the fights without weapons had appeared in the history of the eastern peoples about 3.000 the 4,000 years. Necessary data register Indian knowledge of fights between monges that they had lived has 3,000 B.C. that through the movements and of disciplines for they generated, established similar rituals to dana’ ‘. Recently technology investor sought to clarify these questions. Since the times most remote, already they exist registered, in history, indication of the veneration of the man for the war. Dances and full rituals of symbolisms and warlike techniques were practised.

One of the oldest techniques of combat that already existed in the world is the Vajramushti, that if it originated in India and she was taught to the children of the noblemen, as Bodhidharma, that before if becoming one monge, was a prince it learned and it of its father. In century VI, Bodhidharma crossed the Himalaia, in a long trip the foot, and reached the Shaolim temple, in China, with the purpose to establish, there, its school of Zen-Buddhism, that is an interpretation of the buddhism. It aims at to take the man to the self-knowledge, through long meditations. Finding monges, of that monastery, in precarious physical conditions, not being able to support some hours of meditations, Bodhidharma decided to teach monges the practical one of the Vajramushti, to fortify the body, becoming them apt the meditations. The Vajramushti was one technique of exercises where it used the hands more, had its practitioners to have a little atrophied its inferior members, in result of the many hours of meditations where they remained seated, immovable.