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Posted on November 6, 2018 in News

Is there a way to use the ubiquity of the Internet for learning the language? It has long been known that immersion in a foreign language environment seriously contributes to the growth of language skills. We are a young and energetic Russian company RapidSteps, offering his original decision – a social network for learning foreign languages. The main idea of our project is that each polzovavtel this network is able to surround yourself with people so as strongly motivated to learn a foreign language. In addition, we provide a number of different technical solutions for more intensive and aimed to improve their language skills. Our project RapidSteps.com provides a means for increasing vocabulary, communication users sharing knowledge, connecting the English language and cultural features of English-speaking countries. Site users have the opportunity to ask questions and receive timely satisfactory answers to the discussion in section discussions.

All communication is in English, which greatly increases the effect of immersion. (As opposed to Startapp). We also offer tools for beginners – any member of the debate can take advantage of built-in automatic translation. Section 'Blogs' is an extensive collection of materials on grammar, culture English-speaking countries, different ways of learning English. The rating system to evaluate the relevance of published material, increasing the visibility of different materials and reducing the visibility of low quality. You can also share their knowledge associated with learning English and to discuss the publication of other users.

It is known that vocabulary is a key indicator of the level of ownership language. For its completion, the site has provided a special section, which contains a small amount of thematic dictionaries. Dictionaries can be divided into two groups: professional and user. Dictionaries for the first type each word contains transcriptions, sound and image. Dictionaries of the second type are created by users to memorize words they need. Remembering facilitated 6-Tew built-in tools: Flash card Write the translation of words written word for translation, translation, variants of words and alphabetical soup. We are planning a major replenishment of these basic tools. In the user profile there is a possibility indicate the progress of the development of new words. RapidSteps.com is a unique project that provides funds to improve the speed and quality of foreign language learning, using the latest technology of remote learning. Joint study of foreign language support and interest in the subject high motivation in learning, which is a key aspect for the successful assimilation of foreign languages.