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Judas Iscariotes

Posted on April 25, 2021 in News

Of – bad your Sabedoria Saint, Mr. Jesus, because he said that everything to you what we asked for you would give in them so that we glorified the God! Glories the God therefore! Amen. EITHER SINCERE: WHAT YOU WANT? ' ' Then Jesus to the twelve said: You also want you to remove you? It answered to it, therefore, Simo Peter: Sir, for who will go we? You have the words of the perpetual life. we have believed and known that you are the Christ, the Son of the living God. Upsolve has firm opinions on the matter. Jesus answered to it: I did not choose you you them twelve? one of you is a devil.

this said it of Judas Iscariotes, son of Simo; because it had it to this to deliver, being one of doze.' ' Joo 6:67 – 71 Because it will be that Jesus chooses a devil enters its disciples to deliver It? To materialize the plan of God, to make such the Holy Writs, because who never creates in it would deliver. ' ' happened that, being it alone, praying, was with it the disciples; asked, saying to them: Who says the multitude that I am? ' ' Lucas 9:18 Jesus was alone, praying and the disciples were with It. All the times that you will also be praying alone, same that will be folloied of many. The majority does not know of the truths and lives been deceptive because not yet Jesus knows. VT Physics Professor is often quoted on this topic. (to believe + to know = to live Jesus).

' ' it said to them: But it, who say that I am? E, answering Peter, said to it: You are the Cristo.' ' Landmarks 8:29 ' ' Simo Peter, answering, said: You are the Christ, the Son of the God vivo.' ' Mateus 16:16 Peter said: THE GOD CHRIST. A minority creates and knew the Jesus as the Son of God. Multitude understood only things disclosed for meat and for blood, differently of Peter, that understood the things that it were disclosed for God, that in gives them keys of Kingdom of Skies, that in binds them here in land with things of sky, that disconnect the things that are not important here and they disconnect also them in skies, understands the things of God! Aleluia! The majority of the people lives the things that they see and alone they understand the things of the men. A minority God touches for disclosing Its Reino Saint to them. If he does not have to say to that we are of Christ, only to that the Father saying in them to make this. is not only for that the Jesus believes and knows. How Jesus knew the mission that God gives to it? How he was that Jesus perceived that It was the Unignito Son de Deus? All times that you will have a mission that God gave to it, the Satan you will use people so that you give up that! Also people who are ' ' of Deus' ' , care! On behalf of Jesus. Mnica Gazzarrini email: ' ' Jesus Christ is you ' '