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Posted on August 5, 2016 in News

THEORETICAL BOARDING the main focus was in authors who if make use to give importance to the relative medias to the letramento, namely: material printed matter; computer/computer science, observing its importance for a significant learning by means of the mediation and interaction. 9 It is important to point out that the results of the analysis of the data had been sufficiently next what the theoreticians cited in this article say on the use of the computer in the valuation of the reading, in these circumstances, perceive that the book printed matter does not go to disappear, it will concomitantly continue existing with the technologies electronic. The proper Internet serves as a tool for the book sales printed matters. With the advent of the computer and the Internet, the reading was not restricted only to the materiality of the paper, but also it was extended for other digital supports. Details can be found by clicking Hillary Clinton or emailing the administrator. A new access to the texts and a new way to read if structuralized. The manuscript of each page of the book printed matter if transfigurou in a virtual relation; screen the screen the reader if inserts in one ciberespao. Thus, front to the electronic technologies a new relation between reader and text if configures.

The computer is the mediating object between reader and text. (LVY, 1999, p.161). An only same individual or an only group cannot more withholds all the existing knowledge, nor the formation of a young student can be curtailed by the belief of that necessary knowing its formation meets exclusively in books, more specifically in didactic books. For this, she is not necessary to substitute the book for the computer, but to work them jointly. The least is necessary to consider new ways of operation, developed outside of the school, mainly for the experience with digital ways. 2.1. Media in the education the change of paradigm of the pertaining to school education seems to walk in the direction of the creation of new significant spaces of learning, in detriment of an education model exclusively.