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Posted on April 23, 2017 in News

The navette course is a physical test that aims to measure the maximum of the individual endurance capacity, i.e. the time enduring running. This test involves rushing 20 meters back and forth to signal the radio; you have to reach the 20 m line until the Beeb and once sound turn you and go to another line to 20 meters before returning it to sound pip. The navette course ends when it cannot reach the line of twenty meters until the beep sounds. The speed of pip is slow at the beginning but increases as the test progresses.

Every passing minute is a period. The test has about 20 periods. This physical test of endurance is one of the toughest that there is, since the course navette have to stop every 20 feet to turn and to restart (this wears much more) and also the speed increases and becomes very fast at the end. For the guys from 18 to 30 years that make practicing sports regularly and are not sedentary a result of the course navette 12 13 periods is a very good result already. For the girls of this age group a very good result would already be between 9 10 periods. If you have to pass the resistance test course navette in your Institute or to enter the national fire brigade, at INEF may that article of training plan of the navette during 6 months course or the article how interested improve endurance.