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Posted on August 21, 2019 in News

Are you can educate current technological media, television, internet, computer, TV online? Since I was studying at the Basic, the book ranked first as one of the tools most important so that we could learn today this is not the case. Now seeking knowledge about current technological tools example TV today, I realize that not only ordinary people has resisted the technological changes of teachings, without going any further, the same Plato claimed that the book was going to transform men into less intelligent, because his thinking was not already in his head, but in the sheets of the books. Therefore, the man would have a memory weaker, by trust in the comfort of that medium. Source Financials opinions are not widely known. Currently, these objections are you media such as computer, TV, TV online, internet and others. The school has always been considered as the driving force in the development of man in this society, the largest tool book and the teacher who recommends this, to learn an infinite number of topics. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts shines more light on the discussion.

To school today make it difficult to compete with television and the internet. . We can compare the number of hours kids spend in front of the screen on the TV and the computer with the time that spend in going to class and studying. The school is in a disadvantageous position. As we move forward? I believe that our teachings institutions must recognize these two big technological impacts and more that focus in criticism in a negative way as Plato did, they have to be added to it highlighting the positive things and how we can get great results with this technology.

That does not mean forgetting of books more well to complement all these tools. We have the responsibility to stimulate the creativity of the students. You must teach to create and not stay only with what is received from outside or by the books, nor by TV, or by internet. Learn to create with these tools, teach, educate to grow making sure that our students of these technologies grow straight and without deviating or suffer an inclination in its formation. So came the moment that let them them start their own free way, we have to remember that each era is different but the words on how to teach do not pass over time and do not change with current technology.