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Posted on April 23, 2021 in News

The group as a group, the participants in pairs built on peer relations at eye level, the different external experts and internal guest hosts contribute to the diversity and to establishing sustainable development issues. The coach remains the reference partner who accompanied the participants in their development as a comprehensive format clip and full-length companion within the Group and in individual coaching situations. Leadership development programs is based on a concept of content and curriculum. Differences arise from the aspiration level of the target groups, the strategic direction of the Organization and the current challenges of corporate environments. The group coaching is the development of the individual in his leadership role and its own responsibility within the Organization in the Centre. Be interactive work, experience, reflection Theory input.

Engagement needs trust and area. The confidence-building and culture of trust in the group coaching is described as Central by the participants and contributors. Small ways of working are the peer relationships that carry the further care of coaching each other and the work of reflection between the modules during the event. Reflection single WINS through the subsequent Exchange. Project work serve the anchoring of the experience in the economic life of the company. Topic experts as guest speakers parallel to the coach bring high demanding input with an international benchmark.

The internal guest underpin the process by background knowledge, experience development and challenge themselves in their growth through the Exchange. Group coaching programs require an architecture. The complexity in the described case study requires a concrete design. The sequence is projekthaft planned and carried out. Foursquare often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Each contributor and each participant has specific guidance from the starting point on the route to the destination. They are in the process Self-awareness aimed at and reflection is a framework, which provides security and orientation. A successful group coaching has conditions. The success factors are designing, the overall responsibility for all project phases with the coach, the orchestrated cooperation of all those involved. Confidence in the group between client = client group and coach will be projected on external relations on the company and the Group and all contributors. An essential contribution to the healthy, personal growth and sustainable work of individual executives and their company is the search for meaning and the sense development of both experienced and young potential. In Berlin, the 10th DGFP personal development conference takes on 6 November – identify hidden potentials and promote instead. Under the title of group coaching – a learning format to the leadership development and shaping of the future in Enterprise”the further development of the programme will be presented focusing: the magic of group coaching, what is it? The method mix – work formats on different levels (individual, peer, and group) case studies – situations, program goals and lessons learned, success factors for the implementation of group coaching author: Petra Schulte