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Posted on November 10, 2012 in News

Do not advance you are equal you to have a painting, a drawing and to have an livened up drawing and to want, know? To speak that the things a thing is process of another one. In the truth they are different things. You have a drawing nanquim and it, by itself, it you soon. It does not need to color! A painting the oil, it you soon, understood? Then, thus, they are is different languages.

You finish having that to assume. The virtual scene cannot for in the head that it goes to be a real scene. Future, who knows? It can until arriving at a processing point that you obtain subtilities that more does not obtain to identify. But today, with the equipment that people have, people do not obtain and have that to assume this, she understood? She is what people make. In the digital age, of the digital TV, in the real scene, all the elements, thus, have that to have more somebody (…) why nor a transparent line cannot, because already goes to appear A risk! A nugget is of the place! Ruguinha! How it is that it goes to be, thus, is in its opinion, the virtual scene can substitute all the others? Not! (laughs) I Am equal you I spoke! They are different languages, understood? Then, thus, it is is same history, for example, of when they spoke of 2D and 3D, drawing animado.e graphical computation, understood? One goes to substitute the other? They are different languages, n? You have the livened up drawing traditional and you she has the graphical computation. It is more easy today to make in the graphical computation? It is! This can discard the livened up drawing, because it is a delayed process more, more elaborated and such, understood? But one substitutes the other? I find that not, it understood? You find that she has some identification the virtual scene with the format? For example, thus, for the journalism the virtual scene a soap opera, a real scene? It has! It is of very specific use, understood? Equal saying he tava you with regard to to the figurino.