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Good President

Posted on September 17, 2014 in News

The forthcoming elections to be held April 10 lead me to reflect on who should be the President that the country needs. What person embodies values that radiate on a society like the Peruvian devoid of Compass, dominated by materialism and relativism. The mandatary is the conductor of the nation, must have a moral leadership and be example of virtues, above all honest, resist and combat corruption as well reject the prebends and business lobbies. Be transparent and clear accounts. To effectively manage resources. Also of family well constituted, capable, that crystallize the dream of people, listen, observe what it promises. To build the ideal country, taking clear that this quest for happiness, for the common good, we can do away from God.

It should contribute to social peace, non-discrimination for political, racial or cultural reasons deemed minorities; the good relationship with neighbouring countries, and as points out the blessed Pope John XXIII peace in the Earth, Supreme aspiration of mankind throughout history, is no doubt that you may not settle or consolidate if not faithfully respecting the order established by God. technology investor may also support this cause. And what is this order? Among other things, respect for the family. Otherwise produces social ills crime, disintegration of the family and therefore destruction of society. Therefore, as pointed out by Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani, we need not be import models from other parts of decadent societies that have adopted the so-called gay marriage, the legalization of drugs or abortion. This is not liberalism, it is delay. A good agent should be fair, respect the human being above all, not avasalle the other powers of the State, such as the judiciary and the legislature and honors freedom of expression, which are the great temptation to have a comprehensive power. It is also the first server in the nation, with a great vocation of service that carry blood, magnanimous, comprehensive, equitable, just as King Solomon. Have the attributes of simplicity and humility.

Be brave to acknowledge a mistake and rectify it. We should ask you that character in the story would like to emulate. Churchill? Castilla? Washington? Stalin? Pierola? Caceres? Lincoln? Attila? Demosthenes? Julius Caesar? Henry VIII? Jesus? Saint Martin? Bolivar? Mao? Patton? Mc Carthy? Mariategui? With this we could know where we heading. It must also inspire confidence. Which of the presidential candidates would you give the key to your House to take care of it? Who could you leave your children for you educated? Who could care for your elderly mother? It reflects and vote well. Original author and source of the article.