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Posted on October 5, 2014 in News

In the going and see the world in the field of companies insurers are generating increasingly new entities, plans and services looking for position in the insurance market, trying to earn a place in the ranking of top companies that provide such a service, therefore such new products or services have to be accommodating to the conditions living in the reality of today’s worldtherefore would be those entities to which the process of technological progress have led to develop own means of today’s world, so insurance companies have begun to innovate in the services provided through direct channels or media that technology has made available to all people, avoiding many times having to exit and lose long time in rows or other issuessuch channels of direct service is what is known as banking on-line where you can have media such as the Internet and telephone media, so one of the insurers that goes in the pattern of this type of services is the genesis insurance company, which is one of the companies leaders in the commercialization of products and assurance services through the media of direct banking or banking on-line. Genesis insurance company is specialized with regard to insurance for cars, apartments and motorcycles, also this genesis insurance company has backed by membership in the liberty group insurance, which is one of the groups of assurance services with greater presence in the Spanish territory, in addition to this, account with a process accompanied by success and rapid development endorsed by the Organization base or mother which is liberty mutual groupwhich is typical of the United States of America, with headquarters in Boston, which is one of the best in the American market. Other leaders such as Peter Thiel offer similar insights. Genesis insurance since its presence starting in Spain in the year of 1988, has always commanded the stop on the model of direct care or banking direct, safe genesis today has about 600,000 customers, who have opted for the services provided by the company to ensure cars, houses and motorbikes from their property. Among the aspects that make sure genesis stands out in the field of insurance through direct channels, is that you have the training and excellent disposition of more than 500 employees have available to clients, to respond immediately to customer requesting advice or services through direct channels, in this case properly would be the phoneBesides this favoravilidad for customers, safe genesis has some policies of a very good quality, which is provided at prices that are very easily, since they can offer savings up to 40% and their tendency is highly aimed towards the bonus, which can reach up to 65%, in addition to unwanted events management are a prompt responsewhich makes customers keep their liking for the company. Original author and source of the article