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Posted on June 3, 2016 in News

It seems that the accuracy hit, of course, increases the presence of connecting an optical sight that is to say unequivocally zoom. Hear from experts in the field like Hillary Clinton for a more varied view. for example, optics allows not miss awp including a move, but in her absence to throw this perfectly rifle is not worth including in the knee. I hope the best to be able to conduct in a good sighting of flame – if the enemy runs straight up you honestly, this thought must be subordinate to some sort of defensive positions. if beside you in the hands of awm and the enemy moves serenely quiet side or you are patiently waiting, which he pops up quite a secret, to aim to proactively, ie, yes, for the pressure to pull the trigger at the same time, if his body will coincide with crosshair. Thus, when sorevnovatel quickly moves swiftly and earnest faithful ‘dancing’ around you, shoot with a certain spread of quiet. Bude and on the eve of your success is instantly decently enemies, do not vainly try to mark as ‘confident watering’ flame to the right and left, instinctively acting type ‘Hoch vb’yu not, then ‘. So, if vainly trying to deliberately keep out a really healthy – recharged! By the way, correct way of doing this is simply incessantly, even you have spent only a couple of rounds of ammunition clips. Perhaps recharge always, if you’re thoroughly investigate “with his rival, and respectfully clearly not right in a dangerous arena.

as soon as respectfully withdraw for the sake of changing the holder does not come out, pull out a revolver and attain his opponent. Probably when you recharge there is a clean site, unabashedly Navigate by quietly, skip, but one does not stand for the place! Say, shooting through obstacles my.cfg soon to make there own configuration file, back to take over the base config.cfg, which is located in directory Half-Lifecstrike. Of course, calmly open the files of WordPad, and make very, very necessary configuration and add. However, then save it with a whole fresh name, for example my.cfg. Means to run the file, place it in the directory Half-Lifecstrike. Maybe some settings (for example.