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Free University Environmental Courses

Posted on October 8, 2014 in News

At the entrance to University environmental courses free online saw that the National University of distance education has made available for free to the public in general masterclasses in all areas of knowledge.This content type is called OpenCourseWare. In this sense, not only this University has made this type of initiatives. In fact the University pioneer in these courses is the Massachusetts Institute of technology. Taking into account that the last entry was one of the most visited and several of my coworkers asked me where I could get more environmental courses, then I leave you with the main universities that distribute their content in the form of OpenCourseWare and the most representative courses (I think) at the environmental level. 1 Massachsetts Institute of technology: MIT opencourseware Spanish sustainable energy fundamentals of ecology Spanish transport en el medio ambiente Spanish Project Evaluation processes (assessment of) UCLA: Channel of Youtube Education for Sustainable Living (education for sustainable living). -English Sustainable Living (sustainable living) English 5. University of Puerto Rico: ocwupr currently, there are no courses for environmental area 6. Universidad Nacional de Cordoba (argentina): ocw.unc currently, there are no courses for the environmental area. For its part the opencultures page consolidates more than 300 courses free of all types of universities. Original author and source of the article