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Fernando Vigorena

Posted on December 4, 2018 in News

It carries out the functions that have been delegated him, applying their own initiative and discretion, so that the important issues receive the attention necessary to reduce to a minimum the vacuum caused by the absence of the Chief. It is necessary to have basic knowledge of the current modern managerial topics; in order to interpret the language of current executives, knowing the basics presented by telematics based on a successful performance in the functional performance of the Secretariat. Having reached a good personal growth, empathy, treatment, appropriate management of human interrelationships, service customer, kindness, assertiveness, presence, security, high self-esteem, responsibility, morality, ethics, aspirations, overcoming, creativity, self-knowledge of if same. To all this must be considered now what brings by example, nujeresdeempresas.com, in relation to a topic that many companies have neglected, as it is concerning that same as organizations require their managers leadership, ability to communicate and vision in the long term, the secretariats are assuming new responsibilities and abandoning others. Especially since the mid-1990s, when information and communication technologies shook to its foundations a series of concepts of business management. It is definitely valid when indicated, that a secretariat was an immediate contributor to a management centre, with a thorough understanding of the activities of his boss and the sector that works, is also qualified for the delegation of certain areas or jobs that develop or can develop their bosses.I.e. in general deals with: * organize, and in certain cases, to attend meetings * establish good telephone contacts * write and submit properly reports, press releases, etc.* plan your time and your boss * prepare and treat the information appropriately * arrange, host and attend visits * prepare presentations of products or services * organize business trips, etc. In short, we indicated, should know: teamwork to managing everything what its chief delegates powers and establish effective relationships with internal and external environment of the very important company that indicates Fernando Vigorena, a Secretariat that focus its future on its technical capabilities will be not taking time to change is this verifying, but rather will be preparing only to survive. Those who know only change one’s own can ensure a success, will be the secretariats of the 21st century.

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