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Egyptian Magic

Posted on April 2, 2012 in News

Sailors never whistle on board ship. This is believed to bring bad luck because it can cause a storm. If you are not convinced by my example, you should probably just wash my car to cause a downpour – I bet that your neighbor is doing. In our development world, there are very few innocent souls, capable of genuinely believe that this is like. The rest are too hard to break the prevailing cultural patterns and frameworks. For this reason, even occultists high grade are often unable to perform an action, which presents no difficulty for their less developed counterparts.

But it does not matter. The magic is not dead, it just became more complicated. Today, aspiring magician gets totally different message. To a large extent they depend on the school where he trained. Nowadays, the most common is the Kabbalah. Often it enriches teaching materials from the Greek, Egyptian, Celtic and even Asian sources. If the magician was trained on this system, his mind is probably filled with a mass of associations with hard currency. For example, he associates the 100-dollar bill with the planet and color, as well as a separate sphere of the Tree of Life (Kabbalistic model of emanation of the universe, see Chapter 10).

Then, at the simplest stage of practice, he will fill your aura with an associated color through the imagination and, most focused and visualizes the way he gets 100 dollars. If he decides to go further, then the power to surround himself with a large number of additional associations. It can even perform some ritual actions have symbolic significance. All they focused on one goal – the mind has to choose the right direction and move in it. For the materialization of a 100-dollar bill main chain of associations in accordance with the teachings of Kabbalah will consist of the following: All of this seems too simple, but the mere knowledge of relationships does not necessarily bind to target anything. Mag – it's an employee. He spends weeks, months, maybe even years of daily meditation on the spheres of the Tree of life by building their own associations at the deepest levels of your consciousness, making them a part of himself, slowly coming to understand why he needed such associations and what they mean. Only after that he will be able to perform the rite of materialization 100-dollar bills. By the time he finds that wealth gained much more than a mere hundred bucks. How was the magic process? Set magicians do not represent it. They learn the method (we are more consider in detail this in Chapter 5), performed all the household preparatory work, and eventually discover that the cash itself appears in the house. Power of magic is confirmed by experiment. But the magic – it's not a force. This is a set of techniques. When your TV is working, this is not proof of the power electronics. There is only a demonstration of the practical application of certain principles. Principles may seem mysterious even people who are repairing or produce those same TVs. All you need to know such a person is a posting where he goes and where the input and output devices.