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Continuous Savings

Posted on September 14, 2016 in News

On a wall using conventional screws to hang any shelf. Therefore, SIP panels are often used for making internal Canadian home partitions. After lining plasterboard walls of SIP is similar to stucco stone walls. Finishing work can begin immediately upon completion of assembly boxes at home. Canadian houses do not shrink.

Limited set of tools and materials: panels, boards, screws and polyurethane foam. No need to waste time searching and purchasing. Because of the relatively light weight panels never have problems with the delivery of materials directly to the site. The assembly process of the SIP-house panels fairly clean. Minimum harm to the landscape and ecology. Almost all waste is recycled on site. Standing next to trees can be saved, because they do not create no interference assembly of Canadian homes.

Build on the Canadian technology at any time of year. Continuous Savings: now the owners of Canadian houses to pay for heating and air conditioning a few times smaller (in an estimated 5-6 times) than owners of 'traditional' homes. Saved Ruble – RUB earned. In this sense, the Canadian house – a profitable investment funds. If your site is only electricity, safely Canadian erect a house. The cost of installation of electrical heating systems are negligible compared to heating with gas, liquid or solid fuel. Required for Canadian home heating electric power is much lower Traditional 1 kW to 10 m2 (in our experience an average of five times). And if you do everything correctly: energy-efficient windows and doors, heated floors (including SIP as an option), the main cost will be used to heating of fresh air for ventilation that by modern standards is only 10-15% of the total heat loss. Yes, and these heat losses can be reduced rekupiratorom.